What FIFA 19 Career Mode needs

FIFA 19 - What FIFA 19 Career Mode needs. Last modified: 2018.07.29

With the World Cup over, it's time to focus on the important things. FIFA 19 is just around the corner and with a whole host of features on their way to the new game, could we see something big on the way to Career Mode?

Possibly one of the most fun game modes aside from Ultimate Team, career mode has been long overdue a revamp and here's a few things that FIFA 19 needs to change.

FIFA 18 Career Mode is Boring

A huge focal point from the community is that career mode is just too boring. In comparison to ultimate team, career mode doesn't come close to encapsulating an audience.

The general attitude towards career mode is that “it's too boring”. You play a game, wait for the next, play a game, wait for the next. Aside from playing games and making signings for a short while, there really isn't that much to do in career mode.

EA need to address this in FIFA 19. Even if it is as simple as adding an extra element to the training feature or implementing a new feature that could be used as a mini game such as running a training session, this would be overall better than nothing. EA need to go the extra mile in FIFA 19 to incentivise users to play career mode.

Lack of Immersion

Another point which directly links into career mode being too boring is that career mode really isn't that immersive.

In comparison to other games such as Football Manager, EA really don't understand what it takes to make a game mode that doesn't have any online features. Including the smaller details could be one avenue that EA go down if they want to improve the immersion experience for players of career mode.

An example of some new features could be; trialists, sponsors, team meetings, improved press conferences, improved training and more.

Transfer Revamp

One big concern from the community is how bad the transfers can be in FIFA 18. With the long and boring cutscenes to the overall feel of the menu system, the transfers overall are just awful in FIFA 18.

To combat this, the cutscenes need to be removed in FIFA 19. They were added to improve career mode but they have done anything but. In addition, all the scouting recommendations that you receive should go straight to your transfer hub. Rather than your mailbox. This seems like poor user experience on EA's part and it's something that needs to change.

Overall, the hype continues to grow for FIFA 19 but we can only hope that EA add more to increase the demand for the game when it comes out.

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