FIFA 20 Gameplay features


Earlier this week, EA released some new information in regards to their upcoming game FIFA 20. The announcement focused more so on the gameplay aspect of FIFA 20.

So, in this wiki post, we'll be breaking down all the important bits of information that you need to know about FIFA 20.

Free kicks and penalties have seen a complete overhaul going into the new game. 

Free kicks have been changed to allow the user more control over the shots being taken. You'll now be able to add curve and dip to your shots. As well as being able to choose the type of shot that you take, for example, you'll be able to perform a knuckleball free kick in FIFA 20. 

On the ball mechanics

In addition to set pieces, there are a number of other areas which have been improved going into FIFA 20. 

Dribbling, tackling and finishing are all areas of “on the ball mechanics” which have been improved for the new game. 

Dribbling has seen an improvement with an addition of strafe dribbling which is essential LT and RT dribbling from previous editions of the game. 

Controlled tackling has been added after the community was unhappy with the defending in FIFA 19. In FIFA 19, defending was far too easy to be ignored, as once an opponent got close to your goal, all you would need to do is let the computer tackle for you. However, in FIFA 20, this will be a thing of the past with new controlled tackling.

Finally, composed finishing has now been added into FIFA 20. Clinical finishing promises new ways to score goals within FIFA 20, making it easier than ever to get an edge over your opponent.

Off the ball mechanics

To coincide with the majority of the "on the ball mechanics", EA have also implemented a number of "off the ball mechanics".

The main focus for EA this year for EA seems to be prioritising the realism within FIFA 20. So areas such as player movement and AI interaction has seen a huge overhaul.


At the time of writing this blog post, we're in July, so the FIFA 20 news is quite slim at the moment. However, make sure to check our site as often as possible for the latest FIFA 20 news.

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