FIFA 20 Release date and preorder offers


Each year, in the run-up to the new installment of the latest FIFA, EA release a range of pre-order offers for their user base to enjoy.

However, some of the pre-order offers that will be available may not be suitable for everyone. In some cases, prices may not reflect value for money and users may find themselves paying more than they need to.

But don't worry, we've got all the information that you need to know to make sure you get the best start possible in FIFA 20. 

What is the Release Date for FIFA 20?

FIFA 20 will launch worldwide on September the 27th 2019. It'll be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. 

However, there are ways that you can play FIFA 20 early. Earlier this month we wrote a blog post on how to play FIFA 20 early.

Users on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have the option to play the game early with the use of EA Access. EA Access is a monthly subscription service which gives users the opportunity to play EA titles slightly early. With EA access for the month of September, you could be playing FIFA 20 as early as September 19th. 

FIFA 20 Standard Edition 

-Special edition FUT kits - every year EA release custom FUT kits which have been decided by a number of people. These are typically exclusive to those who pre-order any 
of the FIFA games.

If you're not too concerned about any of the added features that come with pre order, this would be the choice for you. Especially if you're not someone who plays a lot of ultimate team, after all, the majority of the perks are items that are only redeemable within ultimate team.

FIFA 20 Champions Edition

Out of all of the pre order offers, the FIFA 20 champions edition seems the best value for money. 

If you pre order the FIFA 20 champions edition, you'll get:

-3 days early access - out of all of the perks, this seems the main pulling point if you want to get a head start on your opponents within FIFA 20.

-Up to 12 rare gold packs - typically, the first 12 weeks of FIFA are the most important. 12 free FIFA 20 packs over this time period could be a massive help.

-Loan icon player pick - the only issue with this edition is that it still only offers a mid version icon, however, this isn't the worst problem in the world.

-Special edition FUT kits

The 3 days early access, as well as the 12 free FIFA 20 packs, makes this the most cost-effective option for the most passionate of FIFA fans. 

FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition

As mentioned earlier, if you pre-order some versions of FIFA 20 before August 5th, you'll receive a free Ones To Watch card. With the FIFA 20 ultimate edition, that's exactly what you'll get. One major drawback of this offer, however, is that this card will be untradeable, so if you manage to get yourself a player who goes on to have the best season he's ever had, you won't be able to make an in-game profit off of that player.

In addition to this, you'll also receive:

-3 days early access

-Up to 24 rare gold packs -  as mentioned, the first 12 weeks of FIFA are typically the most crucial. With this offer, you receive 2 packs a week for 12 weeks.

-Loan icon player pick - as with all the other pre-order offers available, this will also be a mid version icon which is slightly disappointing considering it is the most expensive offer of the lot.

-Special edition FUT kits

If you don't mind too much about paying slightly more for FIFA 20, you could go for the FIFA 20 ultimate edition, however, we don't think that it's the best offer currently available.

Whichever version of FIFA you opt for, you can guarantee that Mule Factory will have the cheapest FIFA 20 coins, so make sure to check our site after the game's launch.

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