How to complete FUT Birthday Bakayoko quickly


On the 3rd of April, EA released the second batch of FUT Birthday Items. Some of the Items could be attained by opening Packs within Ultimate Team, however, EA also released a new batch of Player Objective Items. 

Not only did we receive an all-new FUT Birthday Cordoba, but EA also released a FUT Birthday Bakayoko which, unlike FUT Birthday Cordoba, could be unlocked by playing Division Rivals games. 

In this blog post, we'll be showing you how you can get FUT Birthday Bakayoko as quickly as possible by completing the Division Rivals Objectives set by EA. 

FUT Birthday Bakayoko Overview

Out of all of the FUT Birthday Player Objectives that EA has released for FUT Birthday, FUT Birthday Bakayoko is the best Item that we have had released so far. 

FUT Birthday Bakayoko looks like a perfect addition to any team. FUT Birthday Bakayoko has a nice blend of key stats. However, if you apply an Anchor, Shadow or an Engine Chemistry Style, this Item becomes an integral part of your team. 

How To Complete FUT Birthday Bakayoko Quickly

FUT Birthday Bakayoko can be obtained relatively quickly by completing a number of Objectives set by EA which can only be completed within Division Rivals. 

Physical Passer - Assist a goal in 3 separate Rivals matches using French players with a minimum of 80 physical. 

This Objective is relatively simple to complete. If you build your team with players from Ligue 1, you'll be able to find a number of players with over 80 in their Physical stat. If you choose players from this league, you'll also be able to complete other Objectives at the same time. Some players who you could take a look at would be Headliner Sanson and Ultimate Scream Payet. 

Weak Foot Wonder - Score and Assist in 7 separate Rivals wins using Midfielders with minimum 4* Weak Foot.

Out of all the Objectives set by EA to unlock FUT Birthday Bakayoko, this is the hardest. In addition, this Objective MUST be completed by using players who have started in a midfield position. When building your team, make sure to place your players you want to complete this challenge with, in a midfield position. If these players don't start here, you won't complete this Objective.

In addition, to make this Objective slightly easier, you could relegate yourself to a lower division in order to play against opponents who have a lower skill rating as you will need to win these games in order for this Objective to register. 

Dependent on the players in your squad, it may be difficult to form wins in Division Rivals to complete the Objectives. That's why we always recommend that you purchase coins from our site to build the best team in FIFA. Make sure to check our site for the cheapest FIFA 20 coins.

In conclusion, the new FUT Bakayoko is a solid addition for any team, and if you only complete one FUT Birthday Objective, this should be the one that you complete. FUT Birthday Bakayoko is a starting player in any team.

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