How to complete FUT Birthday Cordoba quickly


EA recently released a second batch of FUT Birthday Items which could be attained by opening Packs within Ultimate Team.

In addition, we received a new batch of Player Objectives within Ultimate Team. FUT Birthday Cordoba and FUT Birthday Bakayoko were released and the Objectives can be completed relatively quickly. 

In this blog post, we'll be showing you how you can get FUT Birthday Cordoba as quickly as possible by completing the Single Player Objectives set by EA. 

FUT Birthday Cordoba Overview

EA released FUT Birthday Cordoba on the 1st of April. All of the individual tasks set by EA can all be completed within Squad Battles.

Overall, FUT Birthday Cordoba looks very impressive. Boasting key stats over the 90 mark, such as Pace and Physicality with the default Chemistry Style (Basic), makes this card a viable option. However, if you apply a Sniper, Marksman or Deadeye Chemistry Style, this card looks even better.  

How To Complete FUT Birthday Cordoba Quickly

Colombian Class - score in 3 separate Squad Battles matches on minimum World Class difficulty using Colombian players.

This Objective can also be completed relatively quickly if you continue to cherry-pick your opponents much similar to what you would have done when trying to complete the Hat-trick Hero Objective. 

Picking the players for this Objective may be relatively difficult as there aren't that many good players from Colombia within FIFA 20 Ultimate Team. However, as long as you choose players with over 4* Skill Moves and 4* Weak Foot with a pace stat of over 90, this should be relatively easy to complete. 

Forward's Finesse - score 2 Finesse goals in 5 separate Squad Battles wins on minimum World Class difficulty using Bundesliga players with a minimum of 4* Skill Moves. 

To score a Finesse goal in FIFA 20 all you need to do is hold R1/RB and shoot at the same time. Finding the players for this Objective will also be relatively simple as the Bundesliga offers a wide variety of players that you can choose from. Gotze, Reus & Lewandowski are all perfect options to complete this Objective as quickly as possible.

In addition, this Objective does not require these players to play in any specific positions, so you will be able to start these players anywhere and then move them further forward with your Custom Tactics in-game. 

World Class Drive - score 2 Low Driven goals in 7 separate Squad Battles wins on minimum World Class difficulty using Forwards with minimum 4* Skill Moves and minimum 4* Weak Foot.

Dependent on how highly rated your team is, it may be difficult to form wins against the CPU. That's why we always recommend that you purchase coins from our site to build the best team in FIFA. Make sure to check our site for the cheapest FIFA 20 coins.

In conclusion, the new FUT Cordoba is a solid addition for any team, as a starting player or as a substitute from your bench. 

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