How to play FIFA 20 as early as possible?


With FIFA 19 all but a distant memory, attention amongst the community has quickly shifted to the new installment of FIFA, FIFA 20. However, the question on everyone’s lips at the moment is, how do I play FIFA 19 as early as possible?

Don’t worry. In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at how you can play FIFA 20 as early as possible. We’ll be answering questions such as, "how to get the FIFA 20?", "how to get the FIFA 20 beta" and so much more. 

How To Get The FIFA 20 Beta Early?

The first way to play FIFA 20 early is by gaining access to the FIFA 20 community beta. 

The FIFA 20 beta codes will be sent out a few days before the launch around summer 2019. 

Gaining access into the FIFA 20 beta is relatively simple. There are just a few steps that you need to take in order to gain access. 

The main determining factor to your access is your activity status within the FIFA franchise. For example, if you’ve only played FIFA 19 for a grand total of three days, you can almost ensure you won’t be invited to play the FIFA 20 beta. 

You need to also make sure all of your contact information and marketing preferences are up to date. If you don’t have marketing emails on for EA, you may be at risk of not being featured when the FIFA 20 beta invitations roll out. 

How To Get the FIFA 20 Demo Early? 

Gaining early access to the FIFA 20 demo can only be achieved by one way. 

You guessed it, changing your console to a New Zealand account. The release date for the FIFA 20 demo will be the same for everyone. Unfortunately, depending on your activity status with the FIFA franchise, you won’t be able to play the FIFA 20 demo any earlier.

What Will We See in the FIFA 20 Beta?

The FIFA 20 beta will predominantly be used for final feedback and thoughts from the community on this year’s FIFA. 

As a result, beta codes will be sent out for different game modes, including but not limited to, FIFA 20 Kick Off, FIFA 20 VOLTA, FIFA 20 Pro Clubs, FIFA 20 Ultimate Team and FIFA 20 Career Mode.

Any progress you make within the beta will not be transferred over to FIFA 20 when the game is released.

What Will We See in the FIFA 20 Demo?

There will be several game modes featured included in the FIFA 20 demo:

Kick off mode - on kick off mode you will be able to play a normal game of FIFA, featuring two four minute halves with roughly around 8 teams being featured within the FIFA 20 demo. Currently, there is no news on the new FIFA 20 demo teams.

FIFA 20 VOLTA - each year, EA release a new game mode into FIFA. In previous instalments of the game, we’ve seen The Journey, so as FIFA 20 VOLTA is new this year, this will make an appearance on the FIFA 20 demo.

For the latest FIFA 20 news, leaks and speculation, make sure to check the FIFA 20 MuleFactory Wiki.

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