Important FIFA 20 Career Mode Changes


Aside from all of the new features coming to FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, EA has continued to announce more additions coming to each game mode within FIFA 20. One game mode in particular that has received a huge revamp is Career Mode.

Career Mode is the single-player mode within FIFA 20 which in previous installments of the game, has often been underappreciated by the EA developers. Each year, players asked for changes to Career Mode and year after year, EA fell completely short of the mark.

However, after years of neglecting this game mode, EA has announced a number of new features and changes to Career Mode for FIFA 20. The majority of these changes have arisen amidst community feedback directed toward EA.

New FIFA 20 Press Conferences & Player Conversations

One of the new main additions coming to FIFA 20 Career Mode is the press conferences and new Player Conversations. Previously, Press Conferences were often overlooked by Career Mode players. This year, however, they have been completely revamped to ensure that Career Mode remains realistic and immersive.

Dependent on your answers within the new FIFA 20 Press Conferences you will experience a different type of game. For example, if you answer more aggressively about your upcoming opponents, the team may perform differently when you come to play them.

Journalists will also mold their questions depending on how you perform in each game within FIFA 20 Career Mode.

In addition, player conversations have now been added to FIFA 20 Career Mode for the first time ever.

Player Conversations will be on a 1-to-1 basis as the interaction between the manager and the player. With the addition of Player Morale, depending on how you handle each situation, the morale of the player included may change. There will be a number of issues that may arise and it will be up to you as the manager to decide how to handle them.

FIFA 20 Manager Customisation

Out of all the new features coming to FIFA 20 Career Mode, this is one of the most requested by the community. In FIFA 19, you could create your own custom manager, however, the customisation options available were extremely limited.

In FIFA 20, the range of customisation spans much further than just selecting between a group of managers that you couldn't edit. You're now able to edit specific features such as facial features, build type, clothes and much more. Also, for the first time, you'll be able to choose to be a woman manager.

The focus for EA however still remains very much on FIFA 20 Ultimate Team. As a result, now is the best time to prepare for the new game. Upon launch, we'll have the cheapest FIFA 20 coins available. For more FIFA 20 news, make sure to remain active on our blog.

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