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Of all the Promo Events featured within the FIFA franchise, the Ones To Watch Promo Event is easily one of the most anticipated Promo Events of the year.

Each year at the start of the FIFA life-cycle, EA release a Ones To Watch team into FIFA Ultimate Team. The Ones To Watch team consists of a number of players which have recently made a switch to a new club over the summer break.

Ones To Watch was first introduced into FIFA back in FIFA 17. Since then we've seen the Ones To Watch promo event release towards the start of the football season, typically around the end of September lasting for around two weeks.

What are Ones To Watch Cards in FIFA 20?

Ones To Watch (OTW) Cards are limited edition Player Cards within FIFA 20 Ultimate Team. These cards upgrade dependent on the performance of the real-life player that the card represents.

A OTW Card will now reflect the new stats of the Card. Once the OTW Card receives this boost, this will remain the same for the remainder of FIFA. You won't need to do anything either, these cards automatically upgrade in rating and stats. 

This is called a Live Item within FIFA. Live Items are Items which can be attained through Packs which react based on external factors, such as a player's real-life performance. 

Only a select number of players are chosen to be featured within the OTW Team. The list is typically a selection of the highest profile and most promising players who have been permanently transferred to a new club, or they have been signed as a full season loan. These deals must have also been made within the most recent summer transfer window. The Players selected must also be aged under 30.

Who has a OTW Card in FIFA 20?

There are a number of Cards who have already been selected to receive a OTW Card. These players are:

-Aaron Wan-Bissaka – Manchester United
-Eden Hazard – Real Madrid
-Joao Félix – Atletico Madrid
-Joelinton – Newcastle United
-Luka Jović – Real Madrid
-Nicolas Pépé – Arsenal
-Sébastien Haller – West Ham United
-Thorgan Hazard – Borussia Dortmund

How to Get a OTW Card in FIFA 20

There are a number of ways that OTW Cards can be attained within FIFA 20. OTW Cards can be found within Packs typically for a week or so after they have been released into Packs toward the end of September.

Once these cards have been released into Packs, they will also be attainable from the Transfer Market.

Finally, OTW Cards could also be available throughout the year through Squad Building Challenges (SBC's). However, this is not confirmed as EA don't release the schedule for their SBC's.

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