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FIFA 21 is just over a month away. And amidst all of the FIFA news, EA has announced a brand new game mode coming to FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

Over the past few weeks, EA has been constantly announcing news in relation to FIFA 21 and in particular, FIFA 21 ultimate team. In addition to the news of new FIFA 21 gameplay features, EA announced that a brand new game mode called FUT Friendlies will be making an appearance in the new game.

There are a total of four new ways to play against your friends in Ultimate Team thanks to the addition of this new more. Each of which offers something different. Last year in FIFA 20, we saw the addition of House Rules come to offline kick-off and these are now able to be played within Ultimate Team. Here are the four new ways you can play below:

  • Swaps
  • Mystery Ball
  • King of the Hill
  • Max Chemistry

FIFA 21 FUT Friendlies Modes

So, now you know the new modes coming to FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, let's take a closer look at how each mode will look in the new game.

FIFA 21 Swaps - The new Swaps mode in FIFA 21 is a new and exciting way to mix things up when playing against your friends in Ultimate Team. At the start of each game, you'll have three of your players randomly selected to be replaced with three of your opponent's players. If you manage to score against your opponent with a player that you've taken from their team, your goal will count as two.

FIFA 21 Mystery Ball - Out of all of the new modes coming to FIFA 21 FUT Friendlies, FIFA 21 Mystery Ball is easily the most exciting of the lot. Changing at each stoppage of play, the ball gives the attacking side boosts across the board. There are many different types of Mystery Balls that can enter the pitch. Some may give the attacking side three goals when the team scores, or may improve attributes of the attacking team.

FIFA 21 King of the Hill - King of the Hill will be coming to FIFA 21. Whilst playing a game of normal Ultimate Team against your friends, control zones will pop up all over the pitch. You'll have to navigate your way to these control zones, and if you're able to keep possession, the goal meter will fill. Once full, you will be able to score multiple goals with a single strike of the ball.

FIFA 21 Max Chemistry - The clue's in the name with this one. FIFA 21 Max Chemistry allows you to build squads without having to worry about chemistry. By default, every player in yours and your opponent's teams will have 100 chemistry, meaning that you will not have the extra headache when building your team.

With all the new modes on their way to FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, anticipation continues to grow amongst the community. However, there are still a few weeks remaining of FIFA 20 and now is a better time than ever to buy coins. We have the cheapest FIFA 21 coins and we're the most reliable website on the internet. For more FIFA 21 news, make sure to check out our other blog posts.

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