Pro Clubs in FIFA 21


In the past, Pro Clubs has been a game mode typically ignored by EA. This year, EA has announced a number of changes coming to FIFA 21 Pro Clubs.

The main focus for EA this year with Pro Clubs seems to be the customization options. A lot of the core gameplay aspects have remained the same, whilst EA has improved other area.

In this blog post, we'll be taking a closer look at all the FIFA 21 Pro Clubs news that you need to know.

FIFA 21 Pro Clubs Customization

In a post by EA, the company announced a number of changes to customization coming to FIFA 21.

FIFA 21 Pro Clubs Player Traits

In addition to the new customization options, EA has also added a number of new Player Traits to FIFA 21 Pro Clubs. A total of over 30 new addition traits have been added for FIFA 21.

Depending on how you pair these traits together, you'll also be able to experience a number of Speciality Traits which are only attainable when two or more Player Traits have been matched together within the Player Traits tree.

New FIFA 21 Pro Clubs Additions

EA has also added a brand new mode within FIFA 21 Pro Clubs called Broadcast. Broadcast is essentially a new theatre mode which has been added into FIFA 21 Pro Clubs.

Broadcast allows you to record aspects of your FIFA 21 Pro Clubs journey. New Transition Screens and Club Branding has been added to give your Broadcasts an authentic feel.

New Goal Celebrations have also been added within FIFA 21 Pro Clubs to offer an alternative to the current Celebration System already featured within FIFA 21 Pro Clubs. These new Celebrations will make it possible that you can celebrate with friends and you will be able to coordinate custom Celebrations with your teammates.

Finally, new match types have been added to FIFA 21 Pro Clubs. You are now able to compete in more Cup competitions which you'll be able to lead your team to glory.

You'll also be able to compete in Practice Matches which will allow you to train with your friends before making your way into an online competitive game.

As always, however, the focus for EA this year has been Ultimate Team. As a result, we'll be selling the cheapest FIFA 21 coins upon release, so make sure to check out our site to ensure you get the cheapest coins. Also, make sure to check our blog for the latest FIFA 21 news.

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