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With the abundance of promo events in FIFA, it's hard to believe that EA would be adding any new promo events this late into the game's cycle. However, on the 7th of March, 2019, EA announced a brand new promo event in FIFA 19, the FIFA Carniball. 

In a recent blog post by EA, the company announced the new promo event Carniball. In an excerpt from the EA website the company said “throughout February and March, world-famous Carnivals are held across the globe. While they all share a spirit of creativity, fun, and celebration, each also retains elements unique to its region.”


"FUT Carniball embodies this spirit with a group of players selected from each one of the selected major Carnival host countries. From March 8 to March 15th, join the festivities with the Carniball squad, Prime ICON Moments, SBCs, Themed Objectives and more."

What is the FIFA Carniball?

What will be released for the FIFA Carniball?

In addition to the 26 FIFA Carniball players, we'll also be seeing a number of Prime Icon Moments released as well. Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Rivaldo, and Roberto Carlos Prime Icon Moment items will also be available in packs. There is no mention if these same players will be included in any new FIFA 19 Squad Building Challenges (SBC).

During every day of the Carniball, we will also see a total of 8 Carniball players released via FIFA Squad Building Challenges. Meaning that we will have 14 of these players in FIFA packs and 8 of these to be released via SBC's. The remaining 4 of the Carniball players will be attained through Weekly Objectives. 

Finally, there will be a number of puzzle SBC's that will drop each day during the event. The event is expected to last for one week ahead of the FIFA FUT Birthday.

How can we prepare?

The easiest and quickest way to prepare for the Carniball would be to buy coins. EA has thrown this new promo event on the community at such short notice that there aren't many options for preparation.

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