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If you've played FIFA before, you might think that when you start your journey on a brand new instalment of the series, all your previous progression has been forgotten. However, this is not not the case.

FIFA 23 will allow you to carryover and maintain some of your FIFA progress. You'll be able to carryover some FUT ingame items and data from FIFA 22 if you're playing on the same platform. Alas, there is some confusion about what will carryover to FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 Transferable Items

When you move over to a new title, there will be a number of Transferable Items which you can take with your as you start FIFA 23. These items include:

-FC Credits - Football Club Credits (FC Credits or FCC) are earned as you play FIFA. As you play more FIFA, you'll earn more FCC. These can then be redeemed within the FIFA catalogue which will reward you with a number of redeemable items.

-FIFA Points - Finally, if you buy FIFA Points before the release of FIFA 23 on FIFA 22, you'll have the option to transfer these over to the new game. However, FIFA Points are typically not very good value for money, so we would suggest buying coins at the start of FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 Non-Transferable Items

In addition to the multiple Items which are transferable, there will be a number of Items that you won't be able to take with you to FIFA 23.

-EA Catalogue Items - Remember earlier when we mentioned that your FCC will transfer? Well, unfortunately, any EA Catalogue Items you had redeemed with your FCC in the past will not transfer over to FIFA 23 and will need to be re-purchased upon the release of FIFA 23.

How To Carryover Items and Data to FIFA 23

Carrying your Items over to FIFA 23 is relatively simple. When you load up the new game, the majority of Items will already be there waiting for you. However, you may be prompted to transfer some Items over, but you will see this the first time you load up FIFA 23.

As we mentioned, you won't be able to transfer your FIFA 22 Coins so your safest and easiest option would be to purchase FIFA 23 Coins upon the release of FIFA 23. If you buy FIFA Points, these will not be the best value for money and may prevent you from getting the best start in FIFA 23. In addition, make sure to keep up to date with our blog to get the latest FIFA 23 news.

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