EAFC Evolutions Explained


In the dynamic world of gaming, EA Sports FC 24 is making waves with its game-changing updates. From the inclusion of women's footballers to fan-requested features, the new game is an unmatched gaming experience. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the revolutionary concept of Evolutions in Ultimate Team, exploring how it's transforming the game as we know it.

EA Sports FC Evolutions Explained

The spotlight of EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team shines brightly on the introduction of Evolutions. This cutting-edge system redefines the way Ultimate Team fans build and customize their squads, offering an unprecedented level of control over their players. For the very first time, players have the power to upgrade the players in their Ultimate Team.

Evolutions empowers gamers to take lower-rated players from any Club and elevate their performance. Additionally, they can fine-tune their top players by incorporating skill moves, altering work rates, and enhancing weak foot abilities, among other options.

As players progress and evolve their Player Items, they earn visual upgrades that beautifully showcase the hard work invested. What's truly remarkable is that Player Evolution isn't a one-time event; gamers can evolve the same player multiple times during the year, creating unique versions that set them apart from the rest.

The Player Items will turn into a green item and then another green item once all of the challenges have been completed to evolve that player.

How Does Evolutions Work?

As previously mentioned Evolutions is a system that revolves around upgrading and evolving players. To initiate the process, players must commit their chosen player to an Evolution slot and complete specific in-game challenges with that player. Successful completion of these challenges leads to permanent upgrades for the player.

It's important to note that not all players are eligible for every Evolution. Gamers must carefully review the requirements to identify which players they can use. For instance, an Evolution requirement could be as simple as 'Evolve any Silver Player' or more challenging like 'Evolve a left back with 3* skill moves.'

Every Evolution comes with a set of challenge levels for gamers to conquer. These challenges span a range of difficulties, from straightforward tasks such as 'Play 5 Games where you score with this player in your starting XI' to more demanding objectives like 'Win 10 Ultimate Team Champs matches with this player.' Completing all challenges within a level unlocks upgrades and access to more challenging levels.

Gamers are entitled to claim upgrades for their player after each level of challenges they successfully complete. These upgrades encompass a wide range of improvements, including overall stat boosts (e.g., +5 OVR) and highly specific attribute enhancements (e.g., +5 Curve). Players can also delve into customization, upgrading various aspects like:

  • Skill Moves
  • Work Rates
  • Play Styles
  • Alternative Positions
  • Weak Foot

Furthermore, as gamers advance, they unlock new item visuals and animated backgrounds for their favorite players, adding a touch of style to their squad.

To keep the Evolution experience dynamic and engaging, EA have said that EA Sports FC 24 will continually introduce new ways for gamers to evolve their squad throughout the season. Some Evolution challenges may come with time constraints, necessitating completion within specified timeframes.

Whilst the community is excited for the potential of Evolutions, there are a number of questions that have risen from the community, including, but not limited to:

Can a player add an Evolutions player to the Transfer Market? No, once a player is confirmed in an Evolution, they become untradeable.

How many players can you Evolve at a time? You can have as many Evolution players in their squad as they wish, but only one can be activated for upgrading at a time.

What happens to progress if you switch the Evolution they are working on? Progress is saved. When returning to evolve a player, they will start from where they left off.

Can you withdraw an item from an Evolution? No, each Evolution can only be completed by one player, and withdrawal or forfeiture is not an option.

Can Evolution players be used in Squad Building Challenges (SBCs)? In-progress Evolution players cannot be submitted in SBCs. However, fully upgraded Evolution players are eligible for SBCs.

Do Evolutions have time limits? Yes, some Evolutions may have time restrictions. If the Evolution timer expires, upgrades for completed levels are earned, but not for uncompleted or partially completed levels.

Is it possible to enroll the same player in multiple Evolutions? Yes, provided the player meets eligibility requirements. A player can be enrolled in multiple slots, but not simultaneously. A player can enroll in a new Evolution once their current one is completed.

Is the Evolution version of the player a duplicate of the initial item? No, an Evolution is a unique item type.

How can a gamer identify which player they are upgrading during gameplay? An overhead indicator will be displayed on the player actively being evolved.


EA Sports FC 24 has unleashed a game-changing feature with Evolutions in Ultimate Team. This system empowers gamers with unprecedented control and customization options, enabling them to mold their squad into a unique powerhouse. As challenges are conquered and players evolve, gamers experience the thrill of crafting a truly one-of-a-kind team.

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