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With the Team of the Year all but a distant memory, we can start to look forward to some of the new Promotional Events (Promo Events) on their way to EAFC24 Ultimate Team. A few years ago, EA introduced a new Promo Event called Shapeshifters into Ultimate Team and this Promo Event is due to start towards the start of March. 

This Promo Event focuses primarily on players who have changed positions, for example, in the past, we've seen players like Marcelo sporting a new position as a Center Defensive Midfielder. In this post, MuleFactory will explain this new Promo Event and share with you the key details that you need to know.

What are Shapeshifters in FUT 24?
FUTure Stars has been in Ultimate Team since FUT 20 when it was first introduced. The Promo Event focuses on players who have been position changed. In the past, we've seen players such as a Center Back Kante amongst other popular players in Ultimate Team. These players typically receive upgraded Player Items that can be attained through Packs, Objectives, and Squad Building Challenges (SBCs), these new Items have been position changed to a position that is often unattainable with Consumables and receive upgraded stats.

Shapeshifter Bartra was a new ST Player Item that was released into Objectives. This Item was attainable by completing 5 Objectives, once all were complete, players were rewarded with this new Item.
In addition to Bartra, EA released Marcos Acuna who was a Center Defensive Midfielder who had been changed from a Left Back.
As mentioned, Shapeshifter Items were attainable through Packs, Objectives and SBCs. EA released a number of exciting SBCs. Denis Zakaria, Lucas Olaza, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, and Gary Mackay-Steven were all available in Squad Building Challenges.

What is the Shapeshifters team?
At this stage, EA has not alluded to the Shapeshifters event being featured within FUT Ultimate Team. However, EA typically follows a similar calendar every year. As a result, we can assume that Shapeshifters will be included in FUT 24. 

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