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Trading is a very important part of FIFA UT. By the FIFA coins earned by using the Transfer Market you will be able to build up your dream team with better players that you currently have. In this guide we will give you a few direction on how to trade.

Players usually forget about managers, consumables and coaches. Managers are very much underrated but they are also a good way to earn coins. Due to the ignorance these options you can easily get some very good manager cards for just a few hundred coins and sell them for several thousands. Don't be afraid to look around on that side of the Transfer Market.

Find the perfect time for browsing the market. Players with medium popularity can easily be bought on a cheaper price during the week or in the morning and store them in your club. Their prices usually go back up in the weekend, that's when you can try to resell them.

These tips and tricks can bring several thousand coins a day to your balance but if you don't have to the time to sit on the FIFA Market, refreshing it every so often you can still grab the FIFA coins from our store with two different delivery methods.

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