Abandoned Mine B1


Abandoned Mine is a MapleStory 2 Dungeon which can only be cleared 10 times a day, but this limitation is very soft compared to another requirement which are the Abandoned Mine B1 keys but first things first.

It is highly recommended to visit the Abandoned Mine every day as it provides Gemstone and Gem Dust Boxes as a reward. The B1 is a solo dungeon which only required a semi-geared character. Around 3000 Gear Score you will be decent enough to finish off the boss of the mine. The mine only contain a few Treasure Chest enemies, holes that emit gas and a final boss. The layout of the mine is static, once you learn the route, you will never get lost.

Once you got a MapleStory 2 Rusted Key go to Tria and find Natalie. She is a little bit on the north-western of the map from the middle with a green icon above her head. Talk to her to have your key analyzed. The first key of the day always costs 100,000 Mesos to be analized, any further keys will cost 200k more than the previous. Running low on Mesos is not a rare occasion. Feel free to buy MapleStory 2 Mesos from us with pack discounts.

The outcome of the analyzing process can either be a B1 key with about 90% chance or B4 key. Once you got your key, head over the dungeons menu and find "Treasure Dungeons". Select the Abandoned Mine B1 to enter. Once inside the mine you will find a door in front of you which requires the key. Once you opened it you just have to go through the maze to find the final boss and defeat it. The points you will gain when clearing the mine are only for Trophies and they don't have any impact on the rewards.

When fighting the final boss of the mine it is highly advised to use the ladders to dodge the spells. If you die you can either resurrect the place you died for a fee which may hurt your economy or at the entrance of the mine.

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