Daily activities in MapleStory 2


MapleStory 2 offers several activities even for a well-geared character which increases not just Life Skills, also provides lots of MapleStory 2 Mesos and of course a way to upgrade your gear even further.


For Epic items you can run 30 dungeons each week per character or 15 a day. The limit of weekly 30 MapleStory 2 dungeons can be reset once per week on a character of your choice. Entering dungeons is forbidden below 2100 Gear Score.


The MapleStory 2 Abadoned Mine requires a key. To obtain a key for this dungeon, first you need to find a Rusted Key from different Treasure Chests (the Wooden Treasure Chests do have a better drop rate than Golden Treasure Chests) To analyze a Rusted Key, see Natalie in Tria. Every time you ask her to analyze a key the price increases. If you are out of MapleStory 2 Mesos we got your back. Check out our cheap MapleStory 2 Mesos and choose from our different packs.

MapleStory 2 is more fun with friends. If you are a part of a guild, there will be a daily quest available from the Guild Hall which provides Guild Coins and completing them rewards your guild with Guild Points. Also make sure to check-in every day in the guild tab to claim your additional Coins.

Daily Missions
Daily Missions are available from level 50 and can be found in the menu. They are divided into 6 sections and 3 quests in each section, each providing different mission boxes as rewards. The most popular daily section is the "Get Rich" as the reward pounches contain lots of MapleStory 2 Mesos, up to 500k per pounch. In addition you also gain (prestige) experience and mission points. Mission points are awarded after completing a daily quest and they can be turned into Mission Boxes after every 100 points earned. These MapleStory 2 Mission Boxes contain the most valuable currencies for upgrading equipment like Crystal Fragments, Onyx Crystals, Chaos Onyx Crystals, Metacells and Gemstone and Gem Dust Boxes.

Life Skills
In MapleStory 2 items can be crafted by using your Life Skills and they take a lot of time to be levelled up to a point where it begins to pay for the time invested. Ranching and Farming can only be done in your or other players' houses. For Mining or Foraging you need to visit the Alkimi Island or Berg Island. Leveling these Life Skills are simple, just very time consuming. Once you unlocked a new type of resource that can be harvested you also receive a box of goodies as a reward. The harvested items can be crafted with Alchemy, Cooking, Handcrafting or Smithing. This includes different consumables and equipments. In MapleStory 2 Life Skills it is high recommended to use auto-gathering or instant gathering vouchers to save time while leveling your professions. Crafting with Life Skills also require some MapleStory 2 Mesos that you can find in our shop with fast delivery.

Queenstown Dailies
MapleStory 2 offers daily quests given by different NPCs across Queenstown. These seasonal events can include killing world bosses, gathering easily obtainable items and collecting a given amount of quest rewards from a previous daily quest. They usually just take a few minutes to be completed and the are rewarded with Mounts, Consumables and special Currencies.

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