The Fire Dragon Strategy Guide


The Fire Dragon is the most popular Hard Adventure dungeon in MapleStory 2. This guide will help you understand what does Pyrros Fard do and how to avoid his attacks.

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To access this dungeon you need to have at least level 50 with 2100 Gear Score and a party of 4 people. The composition of the party only depends on the skill level of players but it is highly recommended to bring either a Priest or Knight. Once you are ready to enter The Fire Dragon you will find a ladder in front of you and two friendly NPCs (Fairies) the west and east. These NPCs will come in handy when taking damage from Pyrros Fard as every ability that is not dodges will place a ticking and stacking damage over time debuff on you which can be removed by moving close to these NPCs. The usual duration of the fight is 8-9 minutes.

Phase 1A

Headbutt: Pyrros Fard will begin the fight by Headbutting towards the first player getting on to his platform, which is a charge attack and can be avoided by dashing.

Burning Charge: Once the fight begun he will start charging toward players. The target(s) will have a red indicators under their character. Pyrros charges 6-7 times before he stops on one of the ends of the platform. These attacks can be avoided by dashing if the timing is right and they doesn't deal much damage, but still they apply the burning debuff.

This can be dodged by moving next to him.

Double Fire Breath: If Pyrros Stands on his feet a Double Fire Breath will be casted. This spell has a wider AOE than the Fire Breath and can be avoided the same way.

AOE Stun: Pyrros Fard jumps two times before casting a stunning shout. This attack doesn't deal damage but stuns your character for 5 seconds. This attack can be dodged by hopping off from the platform or jumping into one of the holes on the platform.

Roll: Pyrros Fard will start jumping in place turning his back to the party then starts rolling on the ground, attacking with his tail. It knocks down your character for 2 seconds. To dodge this attack simply get out of melee range.

Phase 1B

Giant Fire Breath: Pyrros Fard will cast two Giant Fire Breaths which covers the whole area in front of him and can only be dodge by either hiding in one particular corner or jumping on one particular wall (see the picture). Every other spot of the area will result in death as this attack is the most powerful in the whole fight.

The only spots that you can ensure your survival with against Giant Fire Breath during Phase 2

Fire Bombs: Pyrros Fard will stand on his legs and starts spitting Fire Bombs. The destination of these Fire Bombs are visible on the floor. Simply use dash to avoid these spots. About 8-10 Fire Bombs are used with each cast.

Once defeated you will be rewarded with many MapleStory 2 Mesos (around 200k), Epic Item, pieces of Accessories, Gemstone and Gemdust Box, some Red Stars and Special Red Potions. If you are lucky you can also find a MapleStory 2 Pyrros Fard Pet in either Rare or Epic quality. Depending on how well you avoided spells and how fast you killed The Fire Dragon, you can also be awarded with Trophies.

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