Winter Orb Elementalist - from league starter to league finisher


Winter Orb: Channel to conjure an orb above you which pelts nearby enemies with projectiles that explode when they hit the ground. Channel for longer to build up stages on the skill. The orb loses stages over its duration after you stop channelling.

Easy to play. If you don't like to press 5 buttons to make a build work properly this is definitely the right build for you. Let's see how it works at Tier 16 Map and also in Delve at 376 depths.

Build overview


  • Autoaiming
  • Constant DPS on bosses
  • Shotgun-effect on multiple projectiles and AOE overlapping
  • Duration-based skill
  • Good clear speed (which goes to insane with Heralds and Inpulsa)
  • Chills and freezes


  • Many hidden mechanics to understand
  • Can be expensive if you want to min-max it
  • Requires investment into duration nodes

Recommended leveling items

Passive skills

In case if we are reach enough to buy Shade of Solaris use it from lvl 30. It needs 119 INT to be able to use, which is quite an amount on lvl 30, we need to look out for the stats before spending several Chaos Orbs on the item.

As soon as we get a 5 Link or 6 Link we will use the main setup.


Kill all for +2 Passive Skill Points.

Since we are running Elemental Overload, Critical Hit Chance/Multiplier is not required.
You can easily get resist capped (75% All Resistances) with skill tree and rare items.

Skill Tree

1 - 37
At the start we are picking up increased maximum life/mana nodes mostly, because the damage is not that important since Freezing Pulse and Arc has a great early dps.

37 - 63
Make sure we follow the passive skill tree in order, because Winter Orb is only recommended to use after the duration nodes has been picked up.

63 - 93
Here we are picking up some damage and survivability nodes.

93 - 101
Now we are just finishing the left side of our passive skill tree by picking up tons of elemental damage, elemental resist penetrations and elemental aliments, +1 jewel socket.

101 - 119
This is the end of our passive skill tree which we can recommend for you to follow. This way we will have a lot of jewel sockets and as we all know, jewels are really powerful in endgame.
Make sure we pick up 1 and 2 first and use The Green Dream or The Green Nightmare as soon as we can, this will boost up our survivability by a lot.
We can skip the Sniper (7) node if we feel like your damage is enough to kill end game bosses and to easily farm T16 maps.


After the Normal Lab is done, we have to ascend as an Elementalist.
Pendulum of Destruction will be the first ascendancy node that we have to pick.
Keep changing between 75% increased Area of Effect and 75% Elemental damage for 5 seconds. Then Mastermind of Discord for triple herald buff and resistance penetration and Shaper of Desolation will need for us. It will boost our DPS even more because it always do a different elemental aliments to the enemies.
For the final ascendancy points we need to choose Beacon of Ruin for more increased damage against shocked enemies.


Soul of Solaris
Since we are not going to have enemies nearby you, because the range of the Winter Orb. Soul of Solaris is the best in slot major god for this build.

Soul of Shakari
Most prefered minor god for immunity to poison and reduced chaos damage taken.

Gem links

Main hand
Flame Dash
lvl 20
Arcane Surge
lvl 20
Faster Casting
lvl 20
Cold Snap
Cast When Damage Taken
Immortal Call
lvl 3
Vaal Righteous Fire
Cast When Damage Taken lvl10 Increased Duration
Body Armour (B-B-G-G-G-R) Winter Orb
Greater Multiple Projectiles
Controlled Destruction
Cold Penetration
Herald of Ice
Herald of Thunder
Summon Lightning Golem
Phase Run
Frost Bomb
Vaal Grace
Increased Duration


Full build attribute requirements

Strength Dexterity Intelligence
111 155 155
If we have less Strength than the requirements of the items we can look for more STR on our Rare Items. We can also pick the +30 STR nodes on our Passive Tree. Very easy to acquire, just with the Passive Skill Tree. Very easy to acquire, just with the Passive Skill Tree.


Recommended end game equipment

Weapons for both main and off-hand:

Shade of Solaris, 3-linked
If you can't affort it, look for a rare wand with "Gain Elemental Damage as Extra Chaos and Spell Damage". Sambar Sceptre with Rare shield that has Spell Damage, Life and Resistances is a good alternate solution.

Evasion Based Rare Helmet
Look for Helmet with Life and Resistances.

Body Armour
Inpulsa's Broken Heart 6-linked
This item is way too good to have a decent alternate. Provides huge DPS-boost and our much needed 6-link.

Evasion Based Rare Gloves
Look for Gloves with Life and Resistances.

Evasion-Based Rare Boots
Look for Rare Boots with the following mods: 20+ Movement Speed, Life and Resistances

The Pandemonius
It gives great damage boost.

Ring 1:
Rare Ring with Warlord's Mark on Hit mod is the most important, preferably with additional Life and Resistances. (Elder base)

Ring 2:
Mark of the Shaper
As Ring 1 is an Elder base, this one gives decent damage boost.

Stygian Vyse
Hypnotic Eye Jewel with Adds x to x Cold Damage to Spells and Maximum Life.



The Green Dream - It's important because of the Frenzy charges.
2 Rare Jewels - Look for Jewels with Increased Max Life, Increased Cold damage or Area damage.



We prefer Word of Light for gloves enchant just for the extra safety.


Here we can choose from 3 different enchantments, list is in the order of usefulness.

  • 16% increased Attack and Cast Speed if you've killed recently
  • 0.6% damage leeched as Life and Mana if you've killed recently
  • 10% increased Movement Speed if you haven't been hit recently.


Hands down the best helmet enchant is Winter Orb has +2 maximum stages.

Questions and Answers regarding the build

Q: Is this build hardcore/SSF viable?
A: The build is playable on SSF if you are familiar with the mastercrafts, we don't recommend it though. It has some essential items that's hard to accquire. The build isn't playable on hardcore.

Q: How far can you get with this build?
A: It always depends on your budget, if you can afford upgrading your items you'll be able to clear all content with this build.

Q: Why Cinderswallow over Dying Sun?
A: The additional projectiles almost never overlapped on bosses except extremely large ones. The QOL of onslaught and additional movement speed and 10% more damage to enemies from cinder swallow seemed to outweigh the occasions where Dying Sun worked at its full potential.

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