Members-only and free maps


In this huge picture, you can find the complete map of Gielinor in Runescape. It contains cities, islands, kingdoms, mountains, mines and rivers. There are also some locations that are unavailable for members playing for free. To access this map in-game, search for the World Map button on your Minimap.

Runescape Members-only Map

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Runescape Members-only locations
Ape Atoll Miscellania
Adougne Mort Myre Swamp
Bandit Camp Mort'ton
Barrows Mos Le'Harmless
Bloodsplatter Isle Mountain Camp
Braindeath Island Nardah
Burgh de Rott Neitiznot
Cairn Isle Oo'glog
Canifis Otot
Catherby Pirates' Cove
Cosmic Place Pirates' Hideout
Crash Island Piscatoris Fishing Colony
Darkmeyer Pollnivneach
Death Plateau Port Khazard
Digsite Port Phasmatys
Dorgesh-Kaan Prifddinas
Dragontooth Island Primordial Realm
Dream World Puro-Puro
Eagle's Peak Rellekka
Eastbridge Rock Island Prison
Elf Camp Rogues' Castle
Enchanted Valley Saranthium
Entrana Scorpion Pit
Etceteria Seers' Village
Fisher Realm Shilo Village
Fishing Platform Ship Yard
Fremennik Spiritual Realm Silvarea
Freneskae Sophanem
Ghorrock Spirit Plane
Glacor Cave Spirit Realm
God Wars Dungeon Tai Bwo Wannai
Gorak Plane Tarddiad
Gu'Tanoth The Abyss
Harmony Island The Void
Haunted Woods Tree Gnome Stronghold
Hemenster Tree Gnome Village
Ice Path Troll Stronghold
Iceberg Trollheim
Infernal Dimensions Trollweiss Mountain
Isafdar TzHaar City
Jatizso Tyras Camp
Jiggig Ullek
Kanatah Uzer
Kedagrim Void Knights' Outpost
Kethsi Waterbirth Island
Kharazi Jungle Wilderness Agility Course
Kharyrll Witchaven
Killetwatt Plane Yanille
Lighthouse Yu'biusk
Lletya Zanaris
Lunar Isle Mage Arena
Mage Arena Meiyerditch

Runescape Free to Play Map

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Runescape Free to Play locations
Bonde Farm Land of Snow
Bone Yard Lassar
Botany Bay Lava Maze
Burthorpe Lumbridge
Carrallangar Mudskipper Point
Crandor Musa POint
Daemonheim Paddewwa
Dareeyak Port Sarim
Dark Warriors' Fortress Rimmington
Draynor Village Rune Essence Mine
Dwarven Mine ScapeRune
Edgeville Spider Realm
Falador Taverley
Goblin Village Varrock
Gunnarsgrunn Wilderness Volcano
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