Path of Exile Advanced Mjölner Archmage Hierophant - Templar - Necropolis 3.24
Path of Exile Advanced Mjölner Archmage Hierophant - Templar - Necropolis 3.24

Advanced Mjölner Archmage Hierophant - Templar - Necropolis 3.24

Character Build   Mjölner   Templar  

Advanced Mjölner Archmage Hierophant build made for patch 3.24 Necropolis League!

You will receive all the gear and gems to be able to play this Path of Exile build. The character itself is not included!

This is a ​Hierophant's build that uses Mjölner to automatically trigger Spells with very high Mana Pool to massively boost its DPS! Mjölner is a legendary mace with one of the most effective trigger mechanics. Whenever you hit enemies, it launches the socketed lightning spells!

The most powerful Hierophant Ascendancies are based on Mana, which is used to achieve truly incredible damage due to the Archmage Support. It adds Lightning damage to our main Spell - Ball Lightning of Orbiting, based on your unreserved Mana. All Auras are reserved by Life, so the build simultaneously receives bonuses to spell damage from Pain Attunement and maximum bonus to Lightning Damage from the Archmage.

By socketing Gems inside of Mjölner and The Squire, we get a 6-Linked Ball Lightning, that automatically triggers up to 4 times per second! Most of the clear comes from the Shock Nova setup, triggered from Cast While Channeling Support and Cyclone. It has enough power to kill most enemies and inflict high-effect shocks, so the Ball Lightning can finish them off quickly.

Defenses are solid - impressive Mana and ES Pool, high Elemental Resistances, Immunity to Curses and most of Ailments with amazing Mana and ES leech. Due to the Ivory Tower and Coruscating Elixir, all Chaos damage is absorbed by Mana and ES. The effect of the Arcane Cloak is equal to 65% of the maximum mana, which gives a huge bonus to damage and protects from incoming damage. Indigon pairs well with fast mana spending, increasing your spell damage the more mana you spend.

This build has a very simple playstyle with top-tier clearing speed and very high damage against bosses, tons of ES and Mana with Arcane Cloak and great Recovery!

Skill Tree (

Endgame resistances:
- Fire  81%
- Cold  85%
- Lightning  85%
- Chaos 50%+

Bandit Quest:
- Kill All

- First Labyrinth: - Divine Guidance
- Second Labyrinth: - Arcane Blessing
- Third Labyrinth: - Sanctuary of Thought
- Uber Labyrinth: - Conviction of Power

- Major: Soul of the Brine King
- Minor: Soul of Abberath - upgraded

Gear and Gem links:

- Mjolner - Corrupted - Increased Attack Speed
Sockets BBB (Ball Lightning of Orbiting 21/20 - Archmage 21/20 - Awakened Lightning Penetration lvl 6)

- The Squire - Corrupted - % of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Elemental Damage
Sockets GBB (Slower Projectiles 21/20 - Arcane Surge 21/20 - Awakened Elemental Focus lvl 6)

Body Armour:
- The Ivory Tower 6-Linked - Corrupted - 1% to all maximum Resistances
Sockets GGGBBB (Cyclone - Shock Nova - Mana Leech - Overcharge - Culling Strike - Awakened Cast While Channelling lvl 5)

- Indigon - well rolled!
Sockets RRBB (Dread Banner - Arrogance - Vaal Discipline lvl 21 - Clarity)

- Shaper's Touch - Corrupted - Curse Enemies with Elemental Weakness on Hit
Sockets RBBB (Arcane Cloak 21/20 - Increased Duration 21/20 - Arcane Surge - Frostblink)

- Rare Boots with 50+ STR, INT, Mana, Movement Speed, Abyssal Socket, 9% Cooldown Recovery Rate and 5% increased Action Speed
- Sockets RB+RR (Wrath - Eternal Blessing, Call to Arms - Battlemage's Cry)

- Eyes of the Greatwolf - Increased Attributes and Mana. Allocates Primal Spirit
- Rare Helical Ring - 80+ STR and INT, 35% Crit Multi, (40-50)% Chaos Resistance and Mana
- Kalandra's Touch
- Mageblood

- 2x Large Cluster Jewel - Prismatic Heart, Scintillating Idea, Widespread Destruction
- Large Cluster Jewel - Scintillating Idea, Storm Drinker, Chaos Resistance
- Forbidden Flame - Righteous Providence
- Forbidden Flesh - Righteous Providence
- Watcher'a Eye - ES on Hit Leech by Discipline and Extra Maximum ES by Clarity
- The Adorned - 145%
- 8x Magic Corrupted Jewel +(9-10) to STR and INT, (9-10)% increased maximum Mana (Reduced Ignite Duration, Reduced Poison Duration, Corrupted Blood Immunity, Reduced Effect of Shock)

- Coruscating Elixir
- Quicksilver, Jade, Topaz, Sapphire Flasks with Resistances, increased Evasion, reduced effect of Curses, Movement Speed. 25% increased effect and enchanted for (69-70)% increased effect

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