Path of Exile Advanced Tornado Shot Deadeye - Ranger - Necropolis 3.24
Path of Exile Advanced Tornado Shot Deadeye - Ranger - Necropolis 3.24

Advanced Tornado Shot Deadeye - Ranger - Necropolis 3.24

Character Build   Ranger  

Advanced Tornado Shot Deadeye build, updated for patch 3.24 Necropolis League!

You will receive all the gear and gems to be able to play this Path of Exile build. The character itself is not included!

Tornado Shot is the most popular Bow Skill, always being on top of the most powerful and fun Path of Exile builds. This is an attribute-stacking Deadeye build with Crystallised Omniscience, 100% Physical to Cold Conversion with insane elemental resistance penetration on your enemies. Its an extremely fast and deadly beast with Mirrored Tier 1200+ PDPS Bow and numerous Additional Projectiles that Chain and allow massive screen wide clearing.

The main idea of this build is the amazing speed and monstrous damage, the sound of a Tornado Shot and enemies shattering into small pieces, it's perfectly suited for fast mapping and killing the regular bosses. Survivability is not a priority here, however you have some Evade Chance, 100% Spell Suppression, 100% Elemental Ailments Immunity, 75% Chaos Resistance, Resonable Life Pool and Perma-Freeze.

The offensive capabilities have no limits - Mageblood, Rage Generation, 5 Ascendancy Notables, 100% Crit Chance with 500% Multiplier and more than 15 Million Guardian DPS per Arrow!

Skill Tree (

Endgame resistances:
- Fire  75
- Cold  75
- Lightning  75
- Chaos 75

Bandit Quest:
- Kill All

- First Labyrinth: - Gathering Winds
- Second Labyrinth: - Ricochet
- Third Labyrinth: - Far Shot
- Uber Labyrinth: - Endless Munitions
- Forbidden Flame & Flesh: - Focal Point

- Major: Soul of Lunaris or Arakaali
- Minor: Soul of Abberath

Gear and Gem links:

- Rare 6-Linked Bow 1200+ Physical DPS, Bow Attacks fire 2 additional Arrows, 8% Base Crit
Sockets RRGGGB (Tornado Shot 21/20 - Hypothermia 21/20 - Inspiration 21/20 - Increased Critical Damage 21/20 - Awakened Vicious Projectiles lvl 6 - Awakaned Elemental Damage with Attacks lvl 6)

- Rare Quiver with Life, Physical Damage to Attacks, Crit Multi, Attack Speed and additional Arrow

Body Armour:
- Rare 6-Linked Body Armour with Double Life Mods (100+ Flat and % increased), 19%+ Suppress Spell Damage, 10% increased Reservation Efficiency, Chaos Res, 35% Elemental Ailments Avoidance. 18% increased Effect of Auras, 27% increased Effect of Hatred
Sockets GGGGRB (Blood Rage - Mark on Hit 21/20 - Sniper's Mark 21/20 - Inspiration - Flame Dash - Enhance 4)

- Black Sun Crest - High Attributes - Corrupted - Socketed Skill Gems get a 90% Cost & Reservation Multiplier
Sockets GGRB (Hatred - Herald of Purity - Enlighten 4 - Vaal Haste)

- Rare Gloves with 70 Life, Attributes, (48-50)% increased Damage against Chilled Enemies, 60% of Physical Damage converted to Cold Damage, Rage Generation
Sockets RG+RB (Herald of Ash - Precision, Automation - Steelskin)

- Rare Boots with 70+ Life, (28-30)% Movement Speed, (13-14)% Spell Suppression, 65% Elemental Ailments Avoidance, increased Action Speed
Sockets GGGB (Frenzy - Manaforged Arrows - Power Charge on Critical - Lifetap)

- Crystallised Omniscience - Perfect. Allocates Sovereignty
- Rare Amethyst Ring with Life, 180+ Attributes, 35%+ Elemental Damage with Attack Skills, Reduced Mana Cost
- Kalandra's Touch
- Mageblood

- Large Cluster Jewel - Small Passive Skills have 35% increased Effect, 3% increased Attack Speed, 5% to Chaos Resistance, 10 to Maximum Life
- Large Cluster Jewel - Feed the Fury, Fuel the Fight, Martial Prowess
- Medium Cluster Jewel - Repeater, Streamlined
- Watcher's Eye - +1.7% to Critical Strike Chance while affected by Hatred and Second Damage mod from Precision or Hatred
- Forbidden Flesh & Forbidden Flame with 5th Ascendancy Keystone for Deadeye
- Thread of Hope - Massive Ring - Perfect
- Lethal Pride - 4 Double Damage nodes
- Unnatural Instinct - Corrupted Blood cannot be inflicted on you
- Rare Jewel with Crit Multi, Attack Speed and Damage mods

- Taste of Hate - Perfect
- Diamond, Quicksilver, Silver and Jade Flasks with Increased Effects and additional Crit Chance, Attack Speed, Resistances and Evasion

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