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Arborix 5-Linked

Assassin Bow


Physical Damage: (108-120)–(322.8-358.8)
Critical Strike Chance: 6.50%
Attacks per Second: 1.25
Weapon Range: 120
Requires Level 62, 212 Dex

Adds (60-70) to (180-210) Physical Damage
(60-100)% increased Evasion Rating
Bow Attacks fire 2 additional Arrows
Every 16 seconds you gain Iron Reflexes for 8 seconds
30% more Damage with Arrow Hits at Close Range while you have Iron Reflexes
30% increased Attack, Cast and Movement Speed while you do not have Iron Reflexes
You have Far Shot while you do not have Iron Reflexes

Shipping time: 6 - 12h

Categories: 3.1.0 Item  5 Linked Unique  Bow  Unique 

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