Path of Exile Righteous Fire Trap Inquisitor - Templar - Lake of Kalandra 3.19
Path of Exile Righteous Fire Trap Inquisitor - Templar - Lake of Kalandra 3.19

Righteous Fire Trap Inquisitor - Templar - Lake of Kalandra 3.19

Character Build   Inquisitor   Templar  

Righteous Fire Trap Inquisitor - Templar build updated for patch 3.19 Lake of Kalandra!

You will receive all the gear and gems to be able to play this Path of Exile build. The character itself is not included!

Righteous Fire Inquisitor is one of the most tanky builds in the game, combining incredible survivability with amazing Fire Damage from RF and Fire Traps. Legacy of Fury is one of the key items, cause it scorches nearby enemies and significantly increases your clear speed. 

It’s not easy to die playing this build: impressive hybrid Life and ES pool, 89% all Elemental Resistanses and Physical Damage Reduction, tons of armor, 75% Chaos Resistance, High Life and ES regeneration, as well as insane recovery from Aegis Aurora with maximum chance to block attacks and spells.

The build uses a 6-link Fire Trap and 7-link from an Elder Helm for the Righteous Fire. Inquisitor is the best Ascendancy thanks to the Pious Path - the consecrated ground effect you create while standing lasts for another four seconds, meaning you will be regenerating your ES along with your life all the time. Bottled Faith flask will not leave you without consecrated ground even in the most difficult situations.

Righteous Fire is one of the most popular builds in Path of Exile 3.18, which is not surprising, since it combines insane damage and clearing with godly survivability, with the ability to play in almost afk mode. Wanna burn this world? - Try Righteous Fire Inquisitor!

Skill tree at Level 95
Path of Building link at level 95
(copy and paste it to PoB - it shows cluster jewels more accurately than PoE Planner)

Minimum stats you will have at level 95:

Strenght - 240
Dextirity - 126
Intelligence - 131

Endgame resistances:
Fire 89
Cold 89
Lightning 89
Chaos 75%

Bandit Quest:
Kill All

First Labyrinth: - Sanctuary
Second Labyrinth: - Pious Path
Third Labyrinth: - Righteous Providence
Uber Labyrinth: - Augry of Penitence

Major: Soul of Brine King - upgraded
Minor: Soul of Shakari – Poison immunity

Gear and Gem links:

Rare Sceptre with massive Fire Damage, +1 to All Skill Gems and +1 to Fire Skill Gems
Sockets BBB (Frostblink - Hextouch - Flammability)

Aegis Aurora
Sockets RRG (Shield Charge - Faster Attacks - Lifetap Support)

Body Armour:
Rare 6-Linked Body Armour: +2% to max Cold Resistance and increased Purity of Ice Aura Effect implicts. 100+ to maximum Life, Elemental Resistances, Mana Reservation Efficiency
Sockets RRRGGG (Fire Trap lvl 21/20 - Trap and Mine Damage - Awakened Swift Affliction lvl 5 - Awakened Burning Damage lvl 5 - Empower lvl 4 - Lifetap Support)

Rare Elder Helm: Socketed Gems deal 30% more Elemental Damage, Socketed Gems are Supported by Level (18-20) Burning Damage and Concentrated Effect
Sockets BBBR (Righteous Fire lvl 21/20 - Awakened Increased Area of Effect lvl 5 - Awakened Elemental Focus Level 5 - Empower lvl 4)

Rare Gloves with Life, Life Regeneration rate, Resistances. Implicts with Fire Exposure on Hit and Fire Damage over Time Multiplier
Sockets RGBB (Determination - Purity of Ice - Malevolence - Enlighten)

Legacy of Fury - Enchanted - Regenerate 2% of Life per second if you were Hit Recently
Sockets RB+BB (Vaal Molten Shell - Tempest Shield, Summon Skitterbots - Unbound Ailments)

Rare Amulet with +1 to all Skill Gems, +1 to Fire Skill Gems, Resistances/Attributes
Allocates Charisma (Opalescent - Golden - Golden)
Rare Ring with 70+ Life and massive amount of Elemental Resistances and Chaos Resistance
Rare Ring with 70+ Life, DEX, Chaos and Elemental Resistances
Rare Stygian Vise with Life, increased maximum Life, Chaos and Elemental Resistances

Watcher's Eye - +(20-22)% to Damage over Time Multiplier while affected by Malevolence
Melding of the Flesh - well rolled!
Rare Abyss Jewel with Life, Resistances/Attributes

Cluster Jewel:
Large Cluster Jewel - Burning Bright, Prismatic Heart, Widespread Destruction
Large Cluster Jewel - Smoking Remains, Prismatic Heart, Widespread Destruction

2x Medium Cluster Jewel - Burning Bright, Flow of Life
Medium Cluster Jewel - Wrapped in Flame, Student of Decay

Small Cluster Jewel - Pure Guile, Chaos Resistance
Small Cluster Jewel - Mortifying Aspect, Chaos Resistance

Bottled Faith - well rolled!
Alchemist's Quicksilver Flask with reduced Curse Effect on you
Flaggelant's Ruby Flask, crafted: Regenerate 3% of Life per second during Flask Effect
Flaggelant's Granite Flask with extra Armor
Flaggelant's Silver Flask with extra Attack Speed

Flaggelant's affix means your Flasks getting charges when you are Hit by enemies, best option for fast recharging!


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Path of Exile 200 Path of Exile Orb of Regret
Path of Exile

200 Path of Exile Orb of Regret

Currency   Orb   Orb Of Regret  

Gain a refund point on the passive skill tree.More details

from (10.00 MC)
0 - 1h
Path of Exile 500 Path of Exile Chaos Orb
Path of Exile

500 Path of Exile Chaos Orb

Alter Rare Item   Chaos Orb   Currency   Orb  

Re-roll all modifiers on a rare item.More details

from (17.33 MC)
0 - 1h
Path of Exile 500 Path of Exile Orb of Alchemy
Path of Exile

500 Path of Exile Orb of Alchemy

Alter Normal Item   Currency   Orb   Orb Of Alchemy  

Create new rare items from normal ones.More details

from (4.31 MC)
0 - 1h
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