• Dungeon Fighter Online has been added to our selection! Check this beautiful 2D arcade hack and slash with unique fight system and claim the precious loot from your foes! Looking for gold? We got your back, check our prices and place your order today! rer5, 2017.07.21

  • Path of Exile's biggest expansion The Fall of Oriath will launch on August 4 alongside with the Harbinger Challenge League for the PC. The expansion will introduce a new walkthrough as they remove the difficulty system and add 5 new acts making it a total of 10 with new areas, quests and bosses. The expansion features several new mechanics and also reworked a few. This includes skill changes and balances, reworked labyrinth system, performance upgrade, new MTX and of course many items. Check our wiki for a comprehensive guide of new features! rer5, 2017.07.21

  • Diablo 3 Necromancer Gear Upgrade services are now available! Get your full equipment for your Necromancer.

    Check out our builds and pick what you like the most. rer5, 2017.07.13

  • In Diablo 2 LOD we have added about 200 more items including the most popular Runewords like Enigma, Call to Arms and Heart of the Oak. We have also added Hellfire Torches and several other items, including wider selection of Uniques.

    We have also brought another surprise for the old school Diablo players. We now have a Classic Ladder selection, where you can find Unique Items, Sets and Full Equipments. rer5, 2017.06.30

  • Diablo 3 Necromancer and 2.6 items are already available at us! Place your order for our services with a quick completion time!
    The Rise of the Necromancer DLC can be purchased from Blizzard Store and you much have it purchased before you place your order for any items that is bound to the Necromancer class. rer5, 2017.06.29

  • Diablo 2 selection has been expanded and we have also cut the price of Diablo 2 Runes and several Diablo 2 Unique Items. You can now get your Torches and Runewords from us in the current ladder. We are also preparing our Hardcore selection so keep checking back for that in the next days!

    Diablo 2 Classic Ladder selection is also available now. It contains Unique and Set items. This selection will also be expanded in the future! rer5, 2017.06.29

  • Diablo 3's Rise of the Necromancer will be released next week, on June 27. After the maintenance, 2.6.0 will also go live which will also contain Challenge Rifts and three new zones. rer5, 2017.06.21

  • Revelation Online has been added to our selection and we are now able to deliver Imperial Coins! If you haven't heard about this MMO you should give it a try as it brings freedom to another level. 6 classes, dungeons, raids and mighty bosses await! rer5, 2017.06.15

  • Path of Exile Beta currencies are now available. Place your order and receive it in an hour. Didn't get a Beta access? Buy a supporter packs to get it along with several additional rewards like Forum Title, Soundtrack, Weapon Effect and at least 250 points that you can spend on MTX items! rer5, 2017.06.09

  • Diablo 2 LOD Ladder selection has been expanded with High Runes, Runewords, some more Unique items and Skiller Charms. Diablo 2 Classic and Hardcore selection is coming soon! rer5, 2017.06.09

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