• Diablo 3 Season 9 items are now available! You can already find Horadric Caches, Unidentified Legendaries, Gear Upgrades, Legendary Gems and Legendary items. rer5, 2017.01.14

  • FIFA17 TOTY Defenders and Goalkeeper are now available and the squad is now complete. You can open their packs for 2 more days. As always you can always get your cheap FIFA17 coins from us! rer5, 2017.01.12

  • FIFA 17 Team of the Year cards are now available in game through TOTY Packs. Three strikers and three midfielders are already released! Get your coins from us with quick delivery for PS3, PS4 and XBOX One! rer5, 2017.01.11

  • Today we have added a free system to our Path of Exile Breach League selection. Place your order and receive these free items as a bonus for spending at least 10 USD/9.5 EUR.

    We have also updated our free system for Standard League, now with more items, up to 20 Exalted Orbs! rer5, 2016.12.30

  • Insane Path of Exile price cuts for Christmas! Get your Exalted orbs on the cheapest price around the market! If that's not enough we have also cut the price of several categories, like Maps, Gems, Unique items, Essences and several other currencies by 30-50%! rer5, 2016.12.24

  • Diablo 3 coupon for the rest of the year is now available! Use it for 20% off: DIABLOXM rer5, 2016.12.23

  • Path of Exile Breach unique items are now available. Get your Breachstones and about 80 new unique items on the best price. rer5, 2016.12.16

  • Diablo 3 Ancient Custom High End price has been cut by about 50%.

    Compose the build of your dreams and leave the rest to us. We will farm the complete gear for your character on a brand new account, while leveling it up to 1400 Paragon Levels. All items will be coming in Ancient quality. This service also includes Kanai Cube passives and is also available in Hardcore. rer5, 2016.12.09

  • Path of Exile Breach selection is now available. At the moment we have about 70 items, but we are adding more almost every day so check back often! rer5, 2016.12.05

  • About 4 more hours to the start of Path of Exile Breach Challenge League! Are you ready? Gather your friends for a fresh start. The patch has massive new content as always, including Splinters, Bleachstones, new Unique items and Golem Jewels. rer5, 2016.12.02

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