• Path of Exile Legacy challenge league starts on March 3rd where you can select your preferred League modifier. The loot and challenges will belong to the selected leagues.

    Path of Exile - The Fall of Oriath will be released this Summer with reworked and brand new Acts. rer5, 2017.02.17

  • Get your World of Warcraft gold on a 30% lower price! Place your order, leave your character name and the gold will be sent to you in just a few hours. rer5, 2017.02.14

  • Get Diablo3 free items for your orders. From today you can have bonus items for every season orders placed over 25 USD like Unid Legendaries and Ancient Legendaries. rer5, 2017.02.10

  • Over 100 Path of Exile, Breach Softcore Rare Items has been added to our selection with a combination of Energy Shield and Spell Damage, Evasion and Resistance, Life and Armor. These items are also available in Standard Softcore. rer5, 2017.02.10

  • FIFA17 Ones to Watch Winter Edition cards are now available from packs until February 10th! Get your coins from us and receive up to 7.5% free coins for your orders! rer5, 2017.02.03

  • This week we have a coupon for our Diablo 3 customers, that can be used once for 10% off with a code D3ROSFEB rer5, 2017.02.03

  • Today we have cut the price of several Path of Exile Breach League items by 5-20%, including Currencies, Gems, Breach Stones and Unique items. rer5, 2017.01.27

  • From this week you will get up to 7.5% free FIFA 17 coins for every orders placed over 200k. The free coins will be automatically added to your order once you put them to the shopping cart. rer5, 2017.01.20

  • Path of Exile will be available for free download on XBOX One once it is released with version 3.0. The content will be the same so XBOX players can also experience the traits of the upcoming Act V. rer5, 2017.01.20

  • Diablo 3 Season 9 items are now available! You can already find Horadric Caches, Unidentified Legendaries, Gear Upgrades, Legendary Gems and Legendary items. rer5, 2017.01.14

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