• From now on there is a Free System available in Path of Exile for Harbinger orders on the PC version. They contain the three of most popular currencies, Chaos, Fusing and Exalted Orbs. These items will automatically be added to your order once it exceeds a given value, starting from 10 USD/8.5 EUR.

    We have also added several items to our Harbinger selection including Divination Cards, Maps and Corrupted items. For our XBOX players we have cut the price of our currencies so keep your eyes on our prices as we deliver in a few hours. rer5, 2017.09.15

  • Today EA closed the Transfer Market while they prepare it for the upcoming FIFA 18. It opens on September 21 with the updated player cards for FIFA 18. For this you need to have your FIFA 17 account upgraded for FIFA 18, without it you cannot use the Transfer Market before the release of the game. It will be released worldwide on September 29, 2017. We will do our best to serve our loyal customers with precious coins in the next sequel of their favourite game so keep checking our selection! rer5, 2017.09.15

  • Today we have added Path of Exile XBOX One servers with the first wave of items to our selection. We are going to add more items as time goes on so keep checking back for more POE XBOX items! rer5, 2017.09.05

  • Path of Exile Harbinger League has been expanded with a few new items. This includes 3.0.0 items that came with The Fall of Oriath update and 6-linked Uniques which is about 200 more items in total. Also added a few Discount Packs. If that's not enough, we have cut the price of several items, including Unique items, Currencies, Maps and Gems. rer5, 2017.09.01

  • Path of Exile Harbinger League selection has been expanded with Maps, Fragments, Prophecies, Essences, Discount Packs and Jewels. If you are just looking for currencies or unique items on the best price you will also find those at us! rer5, 2017.08.18

  • We now have over 1000 items in our Path of Exile Harbinger Challenge League selection. Get your items on a friendly price and your currencies with pack discount on an average of 20-30 minutes delivery time! rer5, 2017.08.11

  • Path of Exile The Fall of Oriath, Harbinger League item selection is now available! It includes currencies, skill gems and starter item packs to give you an easier time in the beginning. Check it out, we deliver in 1-2 hours! rer5, 2017.08.07

  • Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Season 11 items are already up for sale. Our Diablo 3 team is ready to complete your orders on the same delivery time as in the previous seasons! Wide item selection is waiting for you with fast delivery. rer5, 2017.07.30

  • Dungeon Fighter Online has been added to our selection! Check this beautiful 2D arcade hack and slash with unique fight system and claim the precious loot from your foes! Looking for gold? We got your back, check our prices and place your order today! rer5, 2017.07.21

  • Path of Exile's biggest expansion The Fall of Oriath will launch on August 4 alongside with the Harbinger Challenge League for the PC. The expansion will introduce a new walkthrough as they remove the difficulty system and add 5 new acts making it a total of 10 with new areas, quests and bosses. The expansion features several new mechanics and also reworked a few. This includes skill changes and balances, reworked labyrinth system, performance upgrade, new MTX and of course many items. Check our wiki for a comprehensive guide of new features! rer5, 2017.07.21

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