• From now on you can find Unique items, Runes, Runewords, Skillers, Set items and Gems in our selection for the new Diablo II ladder. Keep checking back as we keep adding more items in the next weeks! , 2018.06.18

  • Today we have added the first wave of Unique items, the most valuable sets and a few rares to our selection. These items are enough for any starter builds for the new ladder on a cheap price. More to come so check back often! , 2018.06.18

  • Path of Exile selection for Incursion has been expanded with many new categories which includes 6-Linked Uniques, Gems with 20% Quality and Level 20, Level Services and Rare items. Currency delivery in 10 minutes, items in 1-2 hours!

    We have also added the first wave of items to XBOX Incursion selection. , 2018.06.18

  • The World Cup 2018 has begun and we've already seen some memorable matches. To celebrate this event we have made a coupon for a limited time for 10% discounts for your next FIFA orders. The code is WORLDCUP and it can be used until next Monday, June 25. , 2018.06.18

  • FIFA 19 will be revealed today during and EA Live Broadcast. The event can be viewed on EA's official Youtube channel. It is expected to run on the Frostbite engine and they will most likely keep the story up in The Journey. Be sure to tune in for the Live Broadcast to learn more about the new FIFA game. , 2018.06.09

  • The 22nd Diablo 2 season is starting soon. This a perfect opportunity to gather your friends and enjoy a fresh start of an all time classic Diablo game and slay the prime evils of Sanctuary. The date of the ladder reset is June 15th, Friday. Our selection can be expected a few days after reset. , 2018.06.09

  • Path of Exile Incursion League selection has been updated. The list of items we have added in the past days is the following: Quality gems for both HC and SC, over 400 Unique Items, Maps, Map fragments and most of the 5-Linked Unique items. This makes a total of over 1400 items in our selection which is wide enough to get decent equipment for your character and to fill your inventory with valuable trade materials. , 2018.06.09

  • From now on you can find currencies with pack discounts for Incursion League Softcore, XBOX. , 2018.06.09

  • A new guide has been added to the Wiki section. This guide runs through the skill gem changes of 3.3.0. Have a good read! , 2018.06.09

  • If you have no idea where to start and which class to use when loading Path of Exile for the first time our guide will help you out and let's you find the character class that fits your play style the most. Check out our guide to learn the main differences between POE classes. , 2018.06.09

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