Diablo 2 Remaster

Diablo 2 Resurrected Selection

2021-10-14 - Items,game news,selection updates,hot sales

The Evil has returned to Sanctuary after two decades of rest and we can't wait to see you slice your way through his minion onto the way of glory and precious loot. Check out our Diablo 2 Resurrected selection and upgrade your character today. Buy Unique items from Nagelring to Shako, Runewords from Spirit to Enigma, Hellfire torches, Set items and of course Runes. We deliver in 1-4 hours, depending on the amount of items.

To give you more reasons to check back, we are going to release guides in our Wiki section in the upcoming weeks. Be sure to be updated with all the tricks that we will publish!

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Diablo 2 Remaster

D2R Season One has begun

2022-05-02 - Items,game news,selection updates,hot sales

The first Ladder of Diablo 2 Resurrected has started just a few days ago and we already have most items in our selection availab ...

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Diablo 2 Remaster

Patch 2.4 and Season 1 is coming soon

2022-04-01 - Game news,selection updates,hot sales

Blizzard announced that the long-awaited D2R Patch 2.4 will leave the Public Test Realms on April 14, and the new ladder will be ...

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Diablo 2 Remaster

D2R Updated Free Items

2022-01-22 - Items,game news,hot sales

D2 Remaster Free System has been updated with mid to high Runes, Torches, Annihilus and CTA runeword. Reach a specified threshol ...

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Diablo 2 Remaster

D2 Remaster Free items

2021-12-10 - Items,selection updates,hot sales

While we wait for the D2 Remaster ladders to start, we are introducing our free system for every non-ladder servers, which inclu ...

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Diablo 2 Remaster

D2 Remaster Coupon until November 4th

2021-10-30 - Coupons,items,selection updates,hot sales

Get your D2 Remaster items on a discount price for a limited time, until the 4th of November by using our coupon code D2RITEMS o ...

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