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The Elder Scrolls Online - Summerset Expansion. Last modified: 2018.06.11

Fans of The Elder Scrolls Online have a lot to look forward to when the newest expansion, Summerset, launches in this month. Summerset marks the second major expansion to Elder Scrolls Online.

Like the previous expansion Morrowind, Summerset opens up a brand new zone for players to explore. This new zone will give players a plethora of quests, gameplay additions, and new features. This is the second time that the island of Summerset will be fully explorable, with its first appearance being in the original Elder Scrolls: Arena. Summerset holds a mysterious story, political intrigue, and much more. Fans can hardly wait for the newest expansion and in this article we will be taking a closer look into this expansion.

Summerset is the ancient home of the high elves. Considered by most as the birthplace of magic, the island of Summerset is appropriately bright and colorful. The environment is a mix between a tropical paradise and neon nature. In many ways, Summerset feels a bit like a vacation. The land is full of lush hideaways surrounded by sandy beaches. The towns and cities are magnificent and exotic, with high rise spires and winding alleys. Summerset feels both familiar and new, and if anything, it's great to look at. The cause for vacation has a variety of purposes, the main reason being the changing laws instituted by the new Queen. The island has been opened to visitors for the first time in years, and the new Queen ushers traveling adventurers to her shores. Like Morrowind, Summerset is easily distinguished thanks to its unique environmental design and inventive environments. Combining this with a volatile world of insanely powerful makes for an amazing area to discover, that is sure to hold surprises for all. Advancing in the brand new world will require you to fill your pockets with The Elder Scrolls Online gold, that we deliver quickly on the best price.

The main questline will see players exploring different facets of gameplay, mostly centered around the mystical arts. Near Summerset, a magical island is in a constant state of flux, appearing and disappearing. As you arrive on Summerset, the island has just recently appeared. During the main quest, you'll try to appease Summerset's newest queen. Following a newly issued decree, the Queen is curious about how her citizens are adapting. Offering your help, you'll explore Summerset, conversing with locals and helping them out when needed Additionally, you can decide to take up arms with the Psijic Order, an ancient group of mages who live on the nearby magical island. Dedicated to repelling the evil demonic daedra, the Psijic Order can teach you powerful spells and abilities.

Like the Mage's Guild and the Dark Brotherhood, joining the Psijic Order gives you access to a brand new skill line. These skills are as cool as they are useful, giving your character some powerful and unique abilities. For example, the ultimate ability allows you to reverse time by four seconds, returning to your previous location.

You can also stop time and freeze enemies in place, recover your resources by meditating, and use your magical powers to add damage to weapons. The ultimate ability and time stopping will definitely make their way into my ability bar, and I'm excited to see just how powerful these new Psijic Order abilities are.

There's also a handful of other additions, both large scale and small scale. Numerous adjustments have been made to the game, including balancing for physical attacks as well as some tweaks to crafting. Jewelry crafting makes its first apperance in The Elder Scrolls Online, allowing players to create their very own trinkets. Jewelry can be upgrades and imbued with powers, giving you a much needed boost over Summerset's variety of foes. Players versus player combat has also seen a few changes, although nothing is incredibly major. Defending your keep in online combat will now reward you more consistently, opening up other strategic options.

Overall, Summerset is slated to be The Elder Scrolls Online's most ambitious expansion yet, with a beautiful landscape to match. If you're a fan of the mystical and mysterious, Summerset is sure to please. I personally can't wait to join the Psijic Order and defeat some daedra, and I'm very excited to delve deep into Summerset's less-traveled locations. It seems like this expansion has a bit of something for everyone, with fun quest options, new spells and crafting options, and some quality-of-life tweaks to PVE and PVP combat. Elder Scrolls Online players will be able to hop into Summerset when it launches in June on all systems. If you will be looking for ESO gold, we will still be the most reliable source of it.

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