Diablo 2 - Classic

Diablo 2 Classic coupon for 10% off

2019-07-27 - Coupons,items,selection updates,hot sales

Diablo 2 Classic coupon for 10% off is now active and can be used unlimited times until August 4th, 2019. Browse our selection to build your new character. Full builds, unique items, rare items and sets are available. To claim your coupon simply enter the code on the bottom of the checkout screen and the 10% will be deducted from the final value.

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Diablo 2 - Classic

Get your Diablo 2 Classic items on a 25% lower price

2018-11-22 - Coupons,items,hot sales

For Black Friday you can now save 25% from your Diablo 2 Classic order with this coupon until 12:00 CET, 6:00 EST and 19:00 CST ...

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Diablo 2 - Classic

Classic Ladder selection is now available

2018-06-18 - Selection updates,hot sales

Today we have added the first wave of Unique items, the most valuable sets and a few rares to our selection. These items are eno ...

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