Path of Exile

POE Necropolis League

2024-03-31 - Items,game news,selection updates,hot sales

Path of Exile: Necropolis Challenge League is here and we are ready to provide you a fast and reliable service as always! With a lot of changes to mechanics and endgame, we are trying to update our selection with the newest items, to make your life easier.
Few hours after the start we are selling most ingame currency with much more coming in the following days, most of them only found in Mulefactory, including:

- Updated Full Character Builds - to save you a lot of time in collecting gear
- Starter Packs to make it easier for you to get started and level up faster
- Unique and Rare items, including the new ones as well as the old
- Endgame Maps to help you complete your Atlas challenges - even those brand new Tier 17 maps!
- Discount Packs of the most used orbs - bigger packs for a bigger discount!
- Every skill and support gem found ingame - the new ones too - with maxed-out quality and/or level
- New Necropolis League items - Fragments, Coffins and Embers will also come soon
- Free currency after certain amounts spent on an order are also coming a bit later into the League

Check out our ever-growing selection in the coming days for the best deals - if its tradeable, we will have it!

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