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Runescape offers a huge range of additional content for those who spend a few dollars on their gaming. The shortest membership access is 14 days but there is also a trial version available for new accounts/members.

In Runescape, you can pay a small amount of money to get a paid membership which has many benefits. You will gain access to additional items to equip, areas to explore, over 170 extra quests, minigames and many more useful things. To access new areas, you can either go through the member gate in Varrock near the lumber mill, or reach them from Doric's house from Falador through another member gate.

Skills in Runescape, which are available only for members, are the following: Agility, Construction, Farming, Fletching, Herblore, Hunter, Slayer, Summoning and Thieving. These skills provide different quest chains, as well, so it is safe to say that there are also lots of quests that require membership.

Tutors will help you pick up skills. This is the list of tutors found in Taverley.

The areas that are unlocked by being a paid member contain different dangers that you rarely encounter while being a free member. These are poisoning, disease, desert effect and Wilderness.

In Zogre Tomb, you may get diseased, in Karamja, you can get poisoned mostly by spiders or Karamjan Tribesmen. The damage caused by these depends on the creature that has caused it. You can cure yourself from Lunar spellbook or by Herblore's Relicym's Balm.

Desert effect can also be deadly if not taken with precaution. You may want to bring some waterskins, desert robens and knife to the Kharidian desert in order to cut Cacti to refill your water supplies.

Wilderness is the place where you can get attacked by other players. This can also be deadly  because there you  have access to members-only weapons which are usually more powerful than free weapons. If you die, you will respawn in Edgeville, and get back your three most valuable items. Watch out because there are no gravestones in the wilderness.

The choice of becoming a member is up to you. Later during the game, you will have better use of being a member, as it opens more possibilities that are unavailable from the beginning. Some still suggestgetting that membership as soon as possible, because it makes your levelling easier and the game more fun. Jagex rewards players with loyalty points, too. The longer you are a member, the more points you get. These points can be used for titles, outfits or unique emotes.

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