Path of Exile

POE Blight challenge league

2019-09-07 - Items,game news,selection updates,hot sales

POE Blight items are now available. In this new challenge league you must stop the spread of deadly Blight as you build towers and defend against waves of monsters. The mind-controlling Blight can be stopped by destroying Fungal Growths. The monsters during this event will be unusually strong but each of them will have its own weakness that you have to keep in mind to succeed. Once a lane is defended a chest will appear with your rewards. Your guide to this league mechanic will be Sister Cassia. The league brought three revamped archetypes with new skills, gems, new items and many more league-specific items. Our selection for POE Blight is now available with currencies and a few starter items. For the delivery leave us your character name. Keep checking back for more selection updates.

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Path of Exile

PoE Legion coupon code

2019-07-12 - Coupons,items,selection updates,hot sales

Save 10% of PoE Legion items by using our discount coupon for your order during this weekend: LEGION10
To claim the coupo ...

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Path of Exile

New services has been added

2019-07-05 - Items,game news,selection updates,hot sales

Wide selection of POE services has been added which includes Lab completion, level services, map completions, Shaper and Uber El ...

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Path of Exile

Massive Legion services selection

2019-06-12 - Items,selection updates,hot sales

PoE Legion league selection has been updated. Our offers now contain over 2100 items which includes services for Currencies, Uni ...

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Path of Exile

Legion league

2019-06-07 - Items,game news,selection updates,hot sales

POE Legion league has begun. In this league you will encounter hordes that you can fight by touching Monolith on the maps. As yo ...

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Path of Exile

POE Legion expansion announced

2019-05-26 - Game news,selection updates

Encounter the five Legion horde in Path of Exile's new Expansion called, Legion.
On your journey of the fresh PoE league ...

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Path of Exile

POE Synthesis Flashback selection

2019-05-11 - Items,game news,selection updates,hot sales

Path of Exile Flashback event is now on! In our selection for the PC and PS4 you can already find currencies and a few starter i ...

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