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The unique Slink Boots called Atziri's Step is one of the items you will need for any build that is based on reaching max spell damage block chance, which is essential for making a really strong, practically invincible, tanky build. Mostly used in Hardcore Leagues, this item is very popular among Softcore players too. The extra maximum hit points (varies from 55 to 75) and the nice amount of Evasion Rating also helps you a lot with survivability. The 30% increased movement speed will make you progress much faster while leveling or farming high level maps. This unique item only drops from the current endgame boss, Atziri, and cannot be crafted with Orb of Chance, so this will be sometimes hard to get via ingame trade.

Atziri is the most challenging boss in the game so you should be well prepared for the encounter because she can easily surprise you with her three forms, using high variety of skills and being immune to attack modifiers like Frozen, Chilled, Ignited and Shocked.

Atziri's Step be found on Normal difficulty and she always drops at least one unique items including Atziri's Promise, Atziri's Step, Doryani's Invitation and Doryani's Catalyst. Uber Atziri will always drop Atziri's Acuity, Atziri's Splendour, Atziri's Disfavour or The Vertex. You can buy POE items of any kind (Atziri's items as well, of course) at our Path of Exile store, so check out our huge selection today!

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