Betrayal has been announced


Path of Exile is set to receive a new expansion pack on December 7. The new expansion pack is called BETRAYAL and it's designed to put us face to face with some of the most challenging foes that we have ever seen.

In this expansion we play the helping role for Jun Ortoi, Zana, Niko, Alva or Einhar. We are set to investigate a mysterious organization that's named the Immortal Syndicate. These are extremely powerful people that have harnessed the art of manipulation and extortion. They have a massive set of followers which are ready to die for them if the need arises. This really goes to show the depth and huge challenges that you will have to face when you will play the new expansion.

You will have to enter their ranks, do everything to identify who they are and which are their members. In addition, you will have to uncover any of their safehouses as well as take down the leader. But there's definitely a long way to go until that happens. Yet it will be a great opportunity to just enhance your life and take things to a new level in just a fun and relaxing manner.
Multiple divisions
The Immortal Syndicate has 4 divisions and each one of them has goals like intervention, research as well as transportation and fortification. You will find syndicate members in every area, and there can also be members that come to aid friends or sabotage them, which is quite an interesting option. Either way, you can battle enemies and when the battle ends you can continue your investigation if you want to.
Also, the Syndicate has 18 different members. Each one of them has their own personalities, rivalries as well as friendships and so on. You really have to try and find a way to harness any potential and figure out how to make sure that you end up on top. Things like interrogating, executing and bargaining are very important. Remember, you are investigating, so you really have to find exactly what happens and how you can deal with the problem the best way that you can.

Syndicate safehouses are full of intelligence and great loot. If you eliminate the higher tier members, they will give you great rewards. Since this is a story about manipulation, going guns blazing is not always the best option. You might fare a lot better if you maneuver members.
Veiled items

When it comes to veiled mods, these can be quite different. They appear on various weapons and armor pieces, and they can give immunity, additional curses, improved damage for minions and so on. The thing to keep in mind is that every mod presented here will become available to the master craft once the item is unveiled. The trick here is that you need to unveil multiple times and you can get better results once you craft it.

New/Updated skills and support gems

The master system is core immediately, minus Jun
It's nice to see that they are adding the master system, because it certainly makes things better. Improving the way we play by bringing in a complete master system is actually quite enticing. And that does bring in front its fair share of benefits to begin with. That being said, the master progress is also shifting a little bit.

Reworked Bestiary
What made the bestiary unique is the fact that you always have new monsters to tackle and hunt. In the case of Path of Exile: BETRAYAL, the bestiary was reimagined and also made simpler. Einhar will handle everything as you try to eliminate those beasts on your own.
Path of Exile: BETRAYAL definitely has a lot of new content going for it. Not only does it add new characters and impressive missions, but the new maps are already looking great. Of course you will also find new loot, and the veils bring in a whole new layer of complexity to the way you play as well. Even the league content gets added as a core Path of Exile experience. 

All these things add up to breathe new life to the game. Even if you are a vetted PoE player you will have tons of cool new stuff here, and the best part is that you can access everything for free as always. There will be some unlocks specific to the expansion, but we can expect them to be added lateron to the core game experience. This clearly shows that the game is set to be full of amazing, new content, so you should consider playing the new expansion when it comes out early next month!

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