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POE is an amazing hack and slash game, with great Action RPG mechanics that flows really well but one of the things that make it stand out is the great class system. The game goes beyond what other similar titles do, aside from being free of charge. What makes it interesting is that it went with 3 main attributes, and each one of the classes is associated with either one or more of these attributes.


The Marauder is a class focused mostly on strength. It has maces, and it does lots of physical damage. In addition, he uses armor pieces that have great damage reduction. The Ascendancy classes here can be Chieftain, Berserker or Juggernaut, depending on the situation. A lot of people like using the Marauder because it's the tank character in the game and it can plow through hordes of monsters in no time. Since it's a Strength-based character, it's one of the hardest ones to take down. There are some limitations here when it comes to dexterity and intelligence, but the character more than makes up for that with its amazing strength and power.


As you may imagine, the witch is focused on using Intelligence points. It's all about arcane magic. As a result, the witch will use scepters and maces that are dealing great critical strikes. This class also has a mystical energy shield. The witch can ascend to classes like the Occultist, Elementalist and Necromancer. This is not the most suitable class for the beginners, but it does work well, and it brings in front some really good features.


The ranger is all about harnessing her dexterity and agility to attack fast and with great accuracy. On top of that, the character uses rapiers and bows. She can also evade enemy blows fast too. This means such a character is very hard to hit and eliminate, which can lead to a whole lot of problems for the opposition. This is a ranged character, which means all attacks are dealt from afar. It's a great character for beginners, but it can easily be adapted to a variety of play styles even by ARPG veterans too. You can ascend a ranger to a Raider, Deadeye or Pathfinder.


Duelists are hybrid characters. They come with a blend of dexterity and strength skills. This particular class uses axes and swords. Since it's a hybrid character, you get to fight with axes and swords, not to mention the attack speed is still very fast. But this is also a strength-based character, which means that the physical attacks won't damage you as much when compared to other classes. It's possible to ascent your Duelist to Champion, Slayer or a Gladiator if you want. Being able to integrate both strength and dexterity here is more than welcome, and it's an approach that works extremely well.


This is an interesting class because it's one aligned with all the attributes. So if you want to play a diverse character, this may be the right one for you. A lot of players consider this one to be the most flexible when it comes to skill use and even character design. However, there's just one Ascendancy here, and that's the Ascendant. This particular character is a nice pick for beginners, but it also offers enough versatility for veterans as they can play around with stats and create a very powerful build if they want to.


The Shadow is a class that's extremely proficient with intelligence and dexterity. It's not a class focused on strength, which means you get to use unique attacks to eliminate your opponents. The Shadow can use spells and weapons like claws and daggers. The character can also be used to set mines and traps. You can also use the Shadow to disable any potential traps if you want to, which is a nice touch. You are always in control with this so that the results can be worth it. The ascendancies here are Trickster, Saboteur,and Assassin.


There's certainly a lot to experiment with, and you will appreciate the great replay value offered by each one of these classes. Despite being a free game, Path of Exile offers a lot of depth and hundreds of hours full of amazing content. If you like action RPGs, you should totally check the game out; you will like it a lot! During your journey you may run low on Path of Exile orbs which are general currencies for advancing in the game and empowering your equipment.

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