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This unique dagger gives you insane amounts of spell critical chance (varies from 80 to 100%), spell damage (50 to 70%), and the base type of the item, Imperial Skean also gives you global critial strike chance. The increased radius of area of effect skills on Divinarius helps you a lot with area damage and utility spells, such as Firestorm or offensive/support auras for example. While the provided extra spell damage is a bit less than it can be on rare one-handed weapons, the huge amount of extra critical chance makes it better for builds based on spell damage and critical strike. Critically hitting with your spells normally does 150% of the baseline spell damage, but this can be boosted to higher amounts by increasing your  Critical Strike Multiplier (it can be increased by items and passives).

Divinarius is a bit harder to obtain than the aforementioned Aegis Aurora, because it can only drop on Maps with item level 71 or higher. Nothing to worry about, you can also get this easily here, or buy any amount of Path of Exile currency from our huge currency stock to get it in game.

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