Everything you wanted to know about Path of Exile's Incursion Flashback Event


Path of Exile is bringing in a new event, which is called the Flashback Event. What makes this event unique is the fact that it's super competitive and it's all about letting people show their prowess in the game. The Flashback Event runs between August 4th at 9 AM NZT until Tuesday August 28th at 10 AM NZT. This will also run in parallel with the Incursion Challenge League as well.

What should you know about the event?

The Flashback Event is set to have three random mods from some of the past leagues. The interesting thing is that the mod collect will stick to an area for an hour and then they will vary from one area to the next. Every hour the mods are randomized. So you never know what mod you will get. The areas will also have the Incursion league enabled, so you can easily finish those challenges while also being a part of the Flashback Event.

There are multiple mods that you can see, but the most important ones are harbinger, abyss, bloodlines, nemesis, beyond, perandus, torment, ambush, breach, invasion and anarchy. It's important to note that there will be a different combination of mods all the time. That just makes things a lot better and more efficient in that perspective. Plus you are always getting new ways to eliminate your enemies and that on its own can be super distinct and exciting in its own right.

Another thing to note is that there will be multiple mod quantities in every area where they are located. There can be:

A thing to keep in mind is that the event is not voided, and that means the characters and items are seamlessly migrated to the parent leagues when the event ends.


The event will have standard SSF, hardcore SSF, hardcore and standard variations for both the Xbox One and PC. Every event version has its own demigod dominance rewards too, which is quite exciting. This is very good if you want to rank high on the ladders. The prize pool is also shared between all the event versions. You can find more about that on the game's website, where you will also see a quick list with all the necessary information.


If you reach level 35 during the Flashback event, you will receive an Apocalypse Mystery Box. This can be received only once per account. For the PC players you will notice that there will be an alternate art demigod's dominance to the top player for each of the ascendancy class. The ranks 4-10 are receiving a regular demigod's dominance and each version of the event will have its own prize pool depending on each ladder.

If I delete my character, will I still get a prize?
No, you should not delete the character until you receive the prize. Otherwise you will lose the character and the prizes as well.

Will I still be eligible for prizes if the character dies?
Character death is not a problem. Instead you need to make sure that you keep the character in your character list. As we said above, if the character ends up removed, you will not get anything. But if it just dies, not a problem.
If I level multiple characters will I have a greater chance of winning a prize?
The best part is that yes, if you have multiple characters with a high level you will get to have more chances at winning. However, once you get a mystery box per account, you will not be able to get another one.

Will the event be voided?
There's no need to worry about that. Once the event has ended, all the characters are migrated to the parent league. You will not have to worry about losing the character, any progress you received will still be there.

When will I receive a prize?
Prizes are received when you reach level 35 in the event. The microtransactions and the demigod's dominance will be shared at the end of the event. You will have a website PM when that happens. Other prizes are drawn randomly, so there's no need to worry about anything. We will also notify our Twitter followers when the prizes are shared.

Can you get any past league items?
Unfortunately no. We are not offering any past league unique items this way. You will just get unique items from this particular league.

Is it possible to migrate from the Standard SSF Flashback to the Standard Flashback?
Yes, that is totally possible and you are in control at all times. That will just make things easier for you and it will offer all the benefits and features you want in no time.

This is all the information available regarding the Flashback event at this time. If you are a Path of Exile player and you were looking forward to some new fast action, this may very well be one of the coolest features that you can find out there. Just consider checking it out, it can be really exciting and fun! If you are looking to buy Path of Exile orbs during the event, we will be here for you. Our Path of Exile currencies will be available on the cheapest possible price.

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