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Path of Exile is massively multiplayer online role playing game that is very familiar to Diablo series. The depths of game mechanics of course somehow different but if you like those series you will find great entertainment in this game which is developed by Grinding Gear Games.

In Path of Exile you don't have to buy tons of potions. Your flasks will refill as you kill enemies. These flasks can also have different stats to increase the healing effect somehow or give temporary bonuses.

Scrolls are your friends, you will find a lot during your journey and there are two types of them. With Portal Scroll you can get to town whenever you want just like in Diablo. With Scroll of Wisdom you can identify your unidentified items.

There is no gold in Path of Exile, it is replaced with currencies. The scrolls mentioned above are also count as currencies. When you sell an item to a vendor you will receive whole piece of currencies or fragments and shards which later can be turned into a whole one. Currencies can also be traded with vendors for a different one with different quantity.

One of biggest deals in Path of Exile is the skill tree which may seem extremely hard to learn at first but its not that hard as it looks.

You start on a specified part of the Skill Tree when you create a character and you can go anywhere from that point. This means you can even focus on magic with your melee fighter character. The skill tree only allows you to spend point between your passive spells. Active spells are learned through gems, which can be found below. It is also possible to undo a used skill point with Orb of Regret which can be found at almost any stage of the game, even in Normal Difficulty. There are several sites where you can plan your own skill tree, spending your points.

You start with no spells but you can learn a new one every time you equip an item with a skill gem in it. Later in the game these gems will synergize that's why equipping items with linked sockets are important. The skill gems are leveling up with you, they gain experience and they are getting stronger with your level.

There are 4 acts currently in the game. Each of them with unique tileset, total of 32 quests however a few of them are just optimal quests with a reward of a rare item, skill gem or skill point.

Path of Exile has 7 different classes with almost no limitations. This means every class can learn every skill, can be built in almost every way so even your spellcaster Witch can be decent in melee fights, just like your Ranger can be adept at magic. Scion is the only character that is unavailable for new players, you need to rescue her in a quest in Act 3 to make her available.

In Path of Exile Maps provide the endgame content. The first tier of maps can be found during your journey while questing. You can open up these maps in Act 3, Eternal Laboratory. We also have a guide about Maps that can be found here and you can learn about it in details.

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