Meta Crafting in Path of Exile


In a previous guide, we explored general options you have when crafting items. In this guide, we will explain some more relevant meta-related crafting methods and the modifiers they provide.

The Horticrafting station, which can be utilized from a player's hiding place, may be used to catch and store these crafts. Crafts can be added, deleted, or utilized at any time, and a maximum of 10 crafts can be kept. These crafts significantly improve the player's crafting experience and allow for the creation of several excellent items. As opposed to orbs, crafts offer more control over created modifiers while crafting.
Any item of a normal, magic, or rare quality can be modified with harvest crafts in addition to upgrading currency items and gambling.

The potential for player trading is another intriguing feature of crafts. The actual crafts themselves cannot be exchanged, but a player's desired enhanced item may. As a result, players may develop a type of buyer-seller connection where one person offers the crafting service itself and the other player offers the item in exchange for payment for the "craftsman's" services. Many people may find this to be a dependable way to obtain significant sums of in-game currencies, but you should be aware that this type of relationship depends on trust, so if you want to make crafting a source of income for your character, you need first to establish trust amongst players.

The Betrayal League introduced a mysterious organization called the Immortal Syndicate. To learn more about the syndicate's leader and hiding places, you must track down and interrogate its members.

Either two chests or the aforementioned unique crafting benches will be found in the leader's quarters. What reward may be anticipated will be hinted at in the notes on the syndicate pages.

There are multiple reasons you should look out for the Syndicate. While mapping, acquiring several currencies is rather simple when you do the Syndicate content alongside maps. Additionally, veiled items, talismans, mapping-related objects, and several other items can be earned this way.

While Syndicate may be a reliable way to farm currencies if you need a large sum fast you should take a look at what our store has to offer!

We hope this article helped you understand a bit more about the meta crafting options the game offers! Stay tuned for more guides on Path of Exile.


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