Path of Exile 2 - What we know so far


We’ve been playing Path of Exile for so much time and we received so many expansions that we fail to realize Path of Exile 2 is ready to come sooner rather than later. The developers have already shared a trailer, gameplay preview and walkthrough. So it’s official, the game is indeed coming very soon, and there are some interesting things to talk about at this time. The cool thing about Path of Exile 2 is that this is not just another expansion with more content. Instead, it actually comes with a new story.

2 campaigns working with one another
The game brings in a 7-act storyline that you can play alongside the normal POE 1 campaign. The thing to keep in mind is that both the new and old storyline will bring in the same shared Atlas endgame. A cool thing we like here is that Path of Exile 2 retains the current expansions. But it doesn’t just stop here. Instead, it has a new skill system, engine improvements and ascendancy classes. All of which add up to make the gameplay more immersive, interesting and fun at the same time. That’s what makes it shine, and you will certainly like it because of that.
In the new campaign, Kitava is dead, and the society is rebuilding. However, some men are rising to fill the void. Yet as you can imagine, there’s a thirst for power that’s corrupting the Wraeclast. This is what makes the game so interesting and good in the first place. You have creative, new ideas, as well as all kinds of unique features.

19 new ascendancy classes
This sounds quite a lot, and it really is, but Path of Exile 2 tries to expand and bring in front even more interesting features and ideas. You have new characters that are a new set of exiles. They are different from the ones in the first game, which is great since it conveys a lot more interesting ideas and mechanics brought into the mix. That alone does say a lot about Path of Exile 2 and what it can provide you with.

An exciting new skill gem system
The game is adding in a new iconic skill system. The support gems are socketed into the skill gems. That means you will not have to deal with frustrations coming from the old system. It totally works, it delivers the idea of bringing more depth, while eliminating frustrations. You can now six link all skills to the character uses, which is definitely something to focus on.

New crossbow class
There will be many new classes, but this new one was just unveiled. It’s a nice one because it gives you attack skills, and you can easily add gems to the crossbow. This will help change the type of shots that you are firing right now. It’s actually a cool idea, because it brings the versatility and value you want, while truly pushing the experience to the next level all the time.

Considering the fact that the game is quite old already and they have an upgraded engine for Path of Exile 2, it’s quite challenging to keep pouring content for both games. But we don’t know, for now there’s no official explanation of how it will work.

One thing is certain, Path of Exile 2 looks promising and the game continues to impress with the new version too. It’s hard to say when the game will come out, some say it will be ready even this year. That’s hard to know, but what we do know is that they will indeed work hard to surpass the first game. And they will also try to keep it compatible with Path of Exile 2, which is a feat on its own. We are very excited about Path of Exile 2 and we will keep you up to date with any new content and news!

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