Path of Exile Delve Expansion


Path of Exile is getting another expansion to further increase the content. The Path of Exile: Delve league are upcoming challenges and all characters and stashes will be moved to the standard and hardcore league when the league ends. The characters that die on hardcore are immediately moved to the permanent standard league.

The story for Path of Exile: Delve is quite interesting. A maleficent darkness is infesting the ancient mine, and the mine is full of treasure. So what you need to do here is to make sure that you have to eliminate the enemies in the caves as you try to reach the end. But this is not a swell trip, it will be full of dangers and challenges that you have to eliminate one by one. It's certainly not simple, but it will bring in front lots of exciting, unique moments for you to consider.

At its core, Path of Exile: Delve is an expansion about an infinite network of caves. Your focus has to be on staying safe in the light. If you go in the darkness, you can end up dealing with a whole lot of damage. But then again, most of the good treasure will be in the darkness, so that's the thing you have to focus on right now, to figure out how much you want to risk if you want to get the best treasure.

What should you know about Path of Exile: Delve?

With Path of Exile: Delve you have a new NPC which is called Niko the Mad. This is an engineer and an inventory and he wants to explore the Azurite mine. But since the mine is full of darkness, you have to rely on his invention named Crawler, which is a light-emitting vehicle. The crawler charts a course through the mines and then it will let you know where you want to go. You have to follow that course and then you will be able to reach the next portion of the infinite dungeon.

Are the maps linear?

Most of the Path of Exile maps are pretty large and not that linear. Delve is different, the map is more linear, but it makes sense considering the vehicle you have to use and all the other stuff. That doesn't make it bad in any way, it just makes things a whole lot more different than you would imagine. Which isn't a bad thing, as you may imagine.

The linearity comes from the fact that you need to stay in the light. But the reality is that most of people will most likely go to the darkness anyway. Why? Because it's extremely fun and enjoyable, also very rewarding and in the end that can be a problem to begin with. It's certainly the type of challenge that you will encounter as you play, because you can either stay safe and still get good XP, or you can venture away and focus on getting the best stuff out there.

Is it ok to stick with the light?

What you will notice with Path of Exile: Delve is that even if you stick to the light you deal with challenges. The developers added monsters that have lots of unique abilities and they will try to eliminate the crawler. Even as a player you still have a source of light that will help you in the dire moments. You can also throw flares, which means you have some chances of venturing into the dark areas. That being said, those are not simple situations and you really have to know when and how to tackle with all of that so you can get the best possible results no matter what happens.

Since this is Path of Exile, you always some sort of progression that's hidden behind every system. That doesn't make things simple, but it goes to show that challenges are abundant in the game and you will have to face lots of those if you want to win. Of course, there are some ways you can increase the light radius and so on.

The new expansion also comes with socketable PoE Currency and crafting items. The crafting system is already complex, but the new PoE Orbs brings in front some new layers and it makes things super interesting due to that. Plus, there are lots of new weapons, a plethora of loot types and so on. Plus, reworked and new skills gems (Dominating Blow, Smite, Toxic Rain) and Unique items (Cerberus Limb, The Primordial Chain)  to play around with and you will have no problem enjoying every bit of time put into this. Also a great opportunity  to think about new Character Builds.
If you never played Path of Exile, then Delve will surely be a challenge. Even so it's a pleasure to check out and super fun as well as extremely enjoyable. And maybe the best part about all of this is that you can enjoy and appreciate all the options. It's the type of thing that you will like, especially if you enjoy some sort of competitive approach towards the game. This league is also great because it has infinite play. That's certainly something you want from a game like PoE, but most of the time you just don't get it. So yes, Path of Exile: Delve is a pleasure to play and you should play it when it arrives late this month.

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