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The end of this year is special for Path of Exile players. Before the announcement of Betrayal league, GGG made it clear that they will also release their game for PS4.

However, Path of Exile doesn't have cross platform play the moment. Which means that you can't join friends on other platforms. At least for the time being, as it's suggested that the game might eventually bring cross platform play. As we mentioned, this is a temporary problem, so we might have it fixed sooner rather than later.

Path of Exile's PS4 outing comes at the right time. People have been craving for a new Diablo game, but they just received the announcement that a mobile game will be Blizzard's next outing. Obviously Path of Exile's developers capitalized on this quite a bit, as they announced the release of their PS4 version just a few days after. Which makes sense, because they have been working on this version for a very long time.

The benefit that comes from Path of Exile on PS4 is that you can now finally enjoy the game on whatever platform you prefer. It's just a more convenient and fun way to play and you are always in control over what platform you want to check out.

Even if the game is not supporting cross platform play right now, it will eventually do that. And you can imagine just how much fun people will have playing this incredibly successful ARPG on PC, PS4 and Xbox.

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