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Path Of Exile Blight is the latest expansion to our favorite game and it actually comes with some really nice ideas. This time around you have fungal blights that are drawn from the tower defense genre. And in this case you have defense scenarios. Your player will need to be active and reach victory but at the same time you will need to create towers in order to establish a defensive perimeter. There will be waves upon waves of enemies that will follow fungal lines and your focus is to win.

How do you play Blight?

Another thing you need to know is that the infected are unusual and some of them will have specific weaknesses, others less so. The idea is to identify the weakness of that infected and then harness it to your own advantage. It makes a lot of sense to do that and you will find it quite handy and interesting at the same time. that being said, you will receive a chest with rewards for every tendril lane that you defend. However this is not as simple as you can imagine. In fact the gameplay gets increasingly difficult, so the challenges move on and you will have to adapt to that.

Incredible and very powerful towers

A thing you will notice with PoE Blightis that there are a plethora of different types of towers here. And each one of them comes with its fair share of interesting options. For example, there's a summon tower, one that will stun, a burn tower, empower tower, shock, chill tower, debilitate and petrify tower. You will be able to place as well as upgrade all these towers the way you want. And the cool thing is that you can combine tactics with tower defense in order to create a very deep and immersive gameplay. You rarely get this kind of stuff, which is exactly what makes Path of Exile Blight so good in the first place. This is different, fun and super exciting to try out, which is why you need to give it a try and see how it works for yourself.

Another incredible thing about Blight is that no region in the game is free from this kind of stuff. In fact, even the endgame regions will have blight and you really have to try and defend everything as you get better and better at the entire experience. The game does pose some interesting challenges, so it's not exactly the easiest thing to handle here. But at the same time you will have dozens of lanes to play with here and numerous rewards to achieve. We believe that the endgame is where you can get all the cool loot and items, which is an incredible experience to say the least. The developers said that there are regions with 20 lanes, or at least they are experimenting with that.

Speaking of great and powerful items, 4 of the unique items are exclusive to the blight league and these are forming an armor set. The set can be anointed with notable passives and you can get up to 5 of these passives. Obviously this leads to a whole lot of new possibilities.

Master missions

You're not forced to run the master missions even if you encounter them. The idea here is that you can accumulate master missions and enter them when you want. It's a lot better than being forced to do them, as some can be pretty long. They also improved the Betrayal rewards to make this entire experience a lot simpler here. They also added the Synthesis and Legion boss fights inside the core game too, which is a blast.

Path Of Exile Blight does a very good job at expanding the game even more and it continues to make the game even better than it was. There are tons of interesting options to check out here, and the tower defense idea is wonderful, as it is unexpected. If you are very passionate about this type of creative, fun gameplay you should totally check out Path of Exile Blight when it arrives September 6, it will be a plethora of fun and super exciting, definitely worth your time and effort and you do want to take your character on these new quests!

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