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Path of Exile: Expedition is the latest addition to our favorite game, and as always, it comes full of great and engaging, fun content for everyone. This time around, we are joining the Kalguuran expedition. The main focus is to excavate and find some of the lost relics and the undead with help from explosives. Then you can gamble, deal or barter relics with merchants.

The interesting thing about the new expansion is that aside from the regular challenge league, you also have 19 new skills and support gems, 4 new NPC traders, not to mention new unique items and new base item types. In addition, the Path of Exile: Royale experience is coming back, and the cool part is that there are a lot of balance changes. All of this helps flesh out the Path of Exile experience even more than before, while adding in a whole bunch of creative, unique ideas into the mix.

An interesting new concept

Trading with the Kalguur

What we like in this new expansion is that you can go to the merchants and then trade those relics with them. One thing we like is that each one of them is interested in different artifact types. That means the trading experience is going to be different based on who you are interacting with. The Gambler focuses on fortune and luck. The Dealer is earnest and fearful, so he is all about the deals. The Haggler is focused on negotiating, but the temper is short. Then you have the expedition leader whose focus is to facilitate trades.

Unique, engaging expeditions

The nice thing about expeditions is that they have all kinds of logbooks. These are actually ancient books that show the locations visited by the Kalguur. What you want to do here is to find the logbook and then craft the mods like a map for example. Then you can bring this to Dannig and then select the next expedition's locations.

One thing to note here is that modified expeditions are larger when compared to the regular ones. These are also full of other mysteries too, if you choose to explore them. It's definitely something unique and different, and the best part is that you are always in control and can immerse yourself into the experience more than ever before. All these things make expeditions more engaging, and you definitely have great control over the process and experience as a whole. As you go to the remote locations in the logbook expeditions, you will end up with some great and enjoyable rewards. With that in mind, the bosses are very powerful and so are the rewards. That's the great thing here, you can end up with lots of challenges, but it also ends up very rewarding in the end. That's definitely the best approach and the outcome itself can be quite exciting in the long run.

They are also introducing some unique base types and items. The new defensive mechanic is called Ward. Upon getting hit, the Ward is depleted, and it will reduce the damage you receive. It will replenish automatically, and then you are protected from the upcoming hit. That's great if you have a more defensive play style. Even if you're a more offensive player, this is still a whole lot of fun, and you get to engage yourself into the experience and have fun for a change every time.

19 new gems

There's also a Defiance Banner. This is a defensive tool whose main focus is to increase the evasion and armor while lowering the enemy critical strike chance. It's interesting and exciting, but also quite exhilarating and fun. Speaking of great skills, you also have Reaper skills that help you make the most out of your darkness powers and inflict a lot of damage. It's empowering and exciting, yet extremely interesting at the same time.

Making Path of Exile better all the time

Path of Exile: Expedition is the culmination of many updates, and it continues to improve the experience, while pushing the process and the experience as a whole. You get to have a stellar flask rework, and there's also a reduction for the power level of the pure damage support gems. The rework strives to improve the game and make it better than ever.

As we mentioned earlier, Path of Exile: Royale also comes back. It was introduced for a very short time, but now it will become a regular thing. It will be available for 2 days after Path of Exile: Expedition launches, and then it will be available during weekends. It will receive updates and improvements too.


Path of Exile: Expedition does a very good job at revitalizing the game, making it fun, and also integrating some new stories and ideas. It's something extremely interesting and exciting, but it also ends up coming in with lots of challenges. If you love Path of Exile and want new content, Expedition comes with that, and it certainly has its fair share of demanding situations and challenges. This is definitely worth a shot, and the expansion launches on PC July 23rd.

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