The Basics of Crafting in Path of Exile


In this guide, we will explain different methods to improve your items. As crafting can be done in many ways, we will try to show generalized practices in crafting. Methods may vary in their reliability and the amount of investment to make them worthwhile, so always consider that when you craft items.

A bit more sophisticated but still random method is using a chaos orb on a rare item that reforges its modifiers and repeatedly doing this until you are satisfied. Using an orb of scourging, a currency item that eliminates all modifiers, and then an orb of alchemy will result in the same outcome.

The alt/regal/exalted technique of crafting may be utilized to produce more concentrated, but also more costly results. To reach the desired outcome, you must use multiple orbs in the following order:

Using meta-crafting modifications might help you focus and enhance your crafting options. Prefixes, for instance, can be locked in using the "of prefixes" mod, and suffixes, using the "suffixed" mod. The "of weaponcraft" or "of spellcraft" modifications allow you to restrict the sorts of modifiers you can roll for by preventing you from rolling caster or attack modifiers. Another meta-crafting mod, the "of crafting" mod, even makes it possible to attach more than one of these mods to an item. This can be plenty helpful if you're trying to design the most optimal item for your character. Be cautious though, as all of these modified items cost exalted orbs.

If you do not have time to farm the several orbs we explored so far for crafting you can purchase them in bulks in our shop for a great price.

We hope this guide helped you understand some basic mechanics and methods for crafting. Stay tuned for more guides on Path of Exile and much more.

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