The Forbidden Sanctum


Path of Exile's latest expansion The Forbidden Sanctum will challenge your tenacity as you make your way through its dark halls.

Alongside a new challenge league, the expansion introduces many more updates and improvements to the game including new Skill Gems, seven new Vaal Skill Gems, over 15 new Unique Items, significant balance changes to jewels, hexes, monster modifiers, unique weapons and more. In this article, we will cover the most notable changes the expansion brings to the table.

The rooms hold many secrets, some may have fountains in them that restore your resolve, while others may give you an effect hindering your progress. Managing these opportunities will be the key to success in the Sanctum. Inside the Sanctum, you will find gold coins called Aureus, a currency that the Templars used for commerce. It's stored in treasure chests and falls from slain monsters. Although these coins belong to the Sanctum and will not leave with you, they can be traded with a merchant who you may encounter from time to time. Spend your Aureus wisely as it can be used to purchase a crucial boon when the time is right.

You can choose from a variety of currency items in several of the Sanctum's rooms. With a promise of a bigger reward down the road, or you can choose to accept an immediate usually smaller reward now. Your prize will be escalated at significant risk if you wait till the end of the current floor or possibly the entire Sanctum. You forfeit all of your investments if you lose all of your resolve before completing this task. Do you have enough confidence in yourself to take the chance and possibly get a significant reward? Do you take what you have and leave safely, or not?

We hope this guide helped to grasp the new expansion's content. Stay tuned for more articles on Path of Exile and more. 



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