The Lake of Kalandra League


Path of Exile's new expansion will launch on the 19th of August. In this article, we will cover the major content and changes it offers to the players.

On one item, half the stats have been increased, and the other half has had its stats decreased. Only one of the things may be brought with you.

New Atlas memories:
In the Atlas of Worlds expansion, we were introduced to the Atlas skill tree. A way to customize how you play maps. Atlas Memories have been added to the Lake of Kalandra league and provide a chance for you to explore the end game without specializing in your Atlas tree. Rarely you will find a Memory item on high-level maps, which stands for a collection of memories owned by Niko, Alva, Einhar, or Kirac. As you relive the events of their history, they will give you a series of maps to explore. You can either use these extremely difficult Memories and reap it's rewards or trade them to other players.

New skill gems:
In this expansion, four new gems will be added to the game three skill gems and one support gem. Three of them are themed around shock damage and lightning. Other existing gems have been updated or tweaked as well. 

New Uniques:
14 new unique items have been added including a league-exclusive ring, a new pinnacle boss reward, a supporter unique, six new Grand Spectrum jewels and even some leveling uniques. Also, over 100 unique items have been improved, including both leveling uniques and endgame ones. 
Another unique map will be available, The Tower of Ordeals. In this map, you may challenge the Trialmaster and potentially earn unique items from the Ultimatum league. You can create this map by completing endgame Vaal content.

Since many uniques have been reworked you might want to take a look at what our shop has to offer if you are eager to try some of them out as soon as possible.

Trickster ascendency rework:
Regarding balance, changes have been made to the trickster ascendency class and minion itemization. Trickster's skill tree has been revamped to put more focus on its thematically appropriate defense and speed manipulation.

With a wide variety of new options for itemizing minion-based builds, they are now just as rewarding as any other build. Players can find and build several new base types that are centered around minions.

We hope this quick summary gave you the necessary preparation required for the Lake of Kalandra expansions. For further information on the expansion, you may refer to the patch notes.

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