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Through all of the Promotional Events (Promo Events) in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT), there is one that is the most anticipated throughout the whole of the FIFA Community. FIFA 24 Team of the Season (TOTS) is usually the biggest promo within EAFC24 Ultimate Team alongside FIFA 24 Team of the Year (TOTY).

In this post, MuleFactory will be providing you with a rundown of all the key details that you need to know about FIFA 24 TOTS.

What is EAFC24 TOTS?

TOTS is typically one of the most anticipated Promo Events in FIFA due to the fact that a number of real-life players receive heavily upgraded Items within FUT based on their real-life performance. This is usually the period when the best teams that are available in Ultimate Team are attainable for many players due to the fact that the market has usually come down slightly in price making a lot of players more available on a slightly lower budget. 

The Promo Event itself usually lasts for several weeks and sees a number of leagues featured. Some of the most popular over the years has been the Premier League, La Liga Santander, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, and Serie A. EA typically releases these on a week-by-week basis meaning that you can't get your new team straight away as you need to wait for the new teams to be released. 

Another way is for a player to be nominated by the community which would mean that they would receive a Most Consistent TOTS. EA allows the FIFA community to vote on the first TOTS team to be featured within Ultimate Team. EA initially releases a pool of around 50 players for the community to vote on their consistency throughout the season. The players who receive the most votes feature within the Most Consistent TOTS. 

How will TOTS work in EAFC24?

What is the difference between Team of the Year (TOTY) and Team of the Season (TOTS)?

Whilst the two Promo Events sound similar, TOTY and TOTS are two very different Promo Events, however, it's easy to get confused between the two. TOTY is a Promo Event which the FIFA community saw earlier this year and featured 11 new Player Items that were added to FIFA 24 Ultimate Team. These 11 Player Items were players that were voted for by the FIFA community which all received substantially upgraded Player Items. 

Whilst players receive upgraded Player Items similar to that of TOTS, the main difference between the two Promo Events is the sheer volume of players who can receive such Items. In comparison, 11 players were featured within TOTY whilst there could be well over 100 players who will receive a TOTS upgrade.

What squads will we see for FIFA 24 TOTS?

As mentioned, the TOTS Promo Event will be a Promo Event that lasts for a number of weeks. As a result, a huge range of teams will be featured, and below we've compiled a list of all the teams that should be featured. Whilst this is not officially confirmed, EA typically follows a similar pattern each year to ensure continuity for the community. Here is a list of TOTS Squads:

  • Community Voted TOTS
  • English Football League
  • Premier League
  • Saudi Professional League
  • LaLiga
  • Super Lig
  • Bundesliga
  • Liga NOS
  • Serie A
  • Eredivisie
  • Ultimate Squad

As you can see, we have a lot of leagues to get through and as a result, we could expect this year's TOTS to finish sometime in July. 

How are TOTS Items attainable?

There are a number of ways that users can get their hands on the TOTS Items. One way is through opening FIFA 24 Packs. The next is by buying them off of the FIFA 24 Transfer Market and finally, TOTS Items can also be attainable through Objectives and SBCs. 

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