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Diablo 3 RoS - Greater Rift Guide. Last modified: 2018.06.11

Greater Rifts are higher tier Nephalem Rifts. They designed to provide end game and can be extremely difficult and highly rewarded upon completion.

The Greater Rifts in Diablo 3 are equivalent to Nephalem Rifts in both monster density and size. While doing a Greater Rift there is a timer on your screen and each level of them must be completed in 15 minutes. If the progress bar reaches 100% a Greater Rift Guardian is spawned that you must kill in order to receive a token to access a higher level Greater Rift. If you clear the Greater Rift faster you will be awarded with a better token which lets you jump bigger between Greater Rift levels.

Legendary Gems can also be found in these Greater Rifts that can be upgraded by talking to Urshi who is an NPC who can be found after you clear a Greater Rift and kill the Greater Rift Guardian.

To access a Greater Rift you must first find a Greater Rift Key which can be dropped by a Nephalem Rift Guardian. You need to use the this key at the Nephalem Obelisk which can be found in the town. To progress to higher Greater Rift levels you need to clear the Greater Rift in 15 minutes including the kill of the Greater Rift Guardian.

The reward for completing the Greater Rift is dropped from the Greater Rift Guardian. These can be different Legendary Items, Ancient Legendary items, Legendary Gems, Craft Materials and gold.

Interesting facts about Greater Rifts:

  • Once the Greater Rift has started other players cannot enter.
  • There is no way to use player banners or teleport before the Greater Rift Guardian is defeated.
  • The higher the Greater Rift level the harder it is. Level 25 Greater Rift equals to Torment 6 difficulty.
  • When you have completed a Greater Rift in solo, your maximum Blood Shards will increase.
  • There are no Treasure Goblins in Greater Rifts.
  • You can only resurrect in town while in a Greater Rift only at a checkpoint or at your corpse.
  • There are no loots from regular monsters as all of the rewards are moved to the Greater Rift Guardian.
  • Greater Rifts are only accessable in Adventure Mode.
  • Before version 2.3.0 Greater Rifts used to be opened on a different way as they required Keystone of Trials and this item got removed.

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