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Diablo 3 RoS - Mystic and Enchanting Services. Last modified: 2018.06.11

Diablo 3 Mystic guide at MulefactoryMyriam Jahzia is an NPC in Diablo 3, Reaper of Souls. She offers players transmogrification and enchanting services regardless of their level besides telling stories. To unlock her you have to complete Souls of the Dead quest in Act V after the killing of Drygha. You can find her under a pile of corpses and when you found her she will return to Survivor's Enclave. You can enchant your items by her services, providing you to reroll one property on an item therefore you can upgrade the quality of that item. Keep in mind, the item will be BoA (Bind on Account), making it untradable. She also offers transmogrification. With that, you can change any item's appearance.

Her main service , the enchanting is quite simple. You just need to take an item to her and select one of the properties you would like to change. Then, a list will appear where you can choose a new property instead of the old one. Though she will require some crafting materials (such as veiled crystal, forgotten soul, arcane dust and so on) and gold. If you're not satisfied with the new property, you can reroll it as many times you want. However, there are some restrictions. From that point you reroll a property,  you'll be only able to change that one only and the others will be locked forever. Also, the item will become BoA instantly.

As it's been said before, she requires gold and crafting materials for her services. We're talking about Veiled Crystal, Forgotten Soul, Arcane Dust here. These materials can be obtained anywhere basically but the best way to get them is salvaging white, magic, rare or even legendary items you don't need. You can buy Diablo 3 items including the craft materials at our store and also buy Diablo 3 gold if you are out of it.

Her other service Transmogrification also requires gold. During the Transmogrification you can change the appearance of your items but you have to unlock them first. When you give the item to the Mystic a list of items available will show up and for some gold you can select which item skin you would like. Preview of the items are also available and the transmogrification process will not make your item BoA.

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