Paragon Levels and Points


Paragon Levels are endgame leveling possibilities in Diablo 3. It was added soon after the game's release to extend leveling after reaching level 70.

By spending a point on Defense Tab you can have your Life, Armor, Resistance or Regeneneration increased.
Utility Tab increases minor stats like AOE damage, Resource Costs, Life per Hit and Gold Find.

To have every tab completed you have to reach 800 Paragon levels but the fun won't stop there. Most of the stats are capped but you can keep reciving Paragon Points after that. There is no cap on primary stat and vitality and they can be chosen infinitely. The experience needed to level up becomes more and more.

You can also have different portraits for your hero after reaching certain hundreds of Paragon levels. In Season 4 you can earn a few other portraits for doing Season achievements.

We are always happy to help you with your Paragon Level that you will receive by the end of your power leveling service so open up our Livehelp for a quick check!

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